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We’re pleased to provide, in the Profile of the Month for April, an update on marine turtle conservation activities in the Islamic Republic of Iran, which have advanced tremendously over the last 6 or 7 years, thanks largely to the efforts of Asghar Mobaraki in the Department of Environment.

For the first time in quite a while, we had no feature articles to offer in March, but this deficit is more than compensated by a wide selection of interesting headline news stories from across the region. There were, as usual, many stories from India focusing not only on the seasonal mass nesting of olive ridley turtles, but also on important contributions to conservation made by small community groups. More generally, the serious and growing problem of marine debris is picked up in a number of articles that highlight the ingestion of plastics by marine turtles, often with fatal consequences.

Sadly, the news from Thailand seems to point to the imminent demise of its Andaman Sea leatherback population which used to produce hundreds of nests annually and now generates only a handful, if any. On a brighter note there’s a report on the launch, in early March, of Kenya’s national sea turtle conservation strategy; and, from Bangladesh, we learn of the incredible 12,000 journey of an olive ridley turtle whose movements around the Bay of Bengal have been tracked for over a year now. Successful prosecutions for offences related to sea turtles – relatively rare events, at least in terms of media coverage – are reported from several countries.

We hope you take time to read these and many other interesting stories in the Monthly Round-up, below.

As the annual International Sea Turtle Symposium (San Diego, 12-15 April) approaches, final preparations are being made for an IOSEA side-meeting being organised on the afternoon of Monday, 11 April. The Coordinator, several Advisory Committee members and other IOSEA ‘family members’ are expected to lead a discussion of various items of the work programme that have been taking shape in recent months. The provisional agenda is available online. Anyone with an interest in sea turtle conservation in the region is welcome to attend.

Thanks to the efforts of our Korean intern, Ms. Ara Jo, and Dr. Dae-Yeon Moon, of Korea’s National Fisheries Research and Development Institute, the IOSEA website now boasts a Korean translation of the IOSEA MoU, including its Conservation and Management Plan. Many thanks!

Last, but not least, a word of thanks goes to the UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) which has just pledged a much-appreciated voluntary contribution to IOSEA of GBP 10,000.

MONTHLY ROUND-UP: What you may have missed in March
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DENR, villagers join hands in protecting sea turtles 31 Mar

Students visit Turtle Management & Conservation Centre 30 Mar

Malaysia: Hatching success in state 29 Mar

Phuket Reminder: It's sink or swim for the leatherback 29 Mar

Sea turtles suckered by steady diet of detritus 29 Mar

Bangladesh: 12,000km in 357 days 28 Mar

Brunei: Students gain insights on turtle conservation 28 Mar

India: Plans are on to save Nethrani islands from navy 28 Mar

India: Fishing net spells doom for 200 rare turtles 27 Mar

Sri Lanka: Fined for possessing turtle eggs 26 Mar

India: 100 Olive Ridleys released into sea 26 Mar

Guam introduces Coral Reef Protection Act bill 26 Mar

India: Plan to ‘vote out’ East Coast expressway 25 Mar

Philippines arrests 6 Chinese for poaching turtles 25 Mar

Wire fencing in Nasi island to protect Olive Ridley eggs 25 Mar

Malaysia: Cleaning up Tioman Island 24 Mar

Turtle found that pooped plastic for a month 24 Mar

Spotlight shines on sustainable marine management 24 Mar

They came from the sea with the March 11 Tsunami 24 Mar

Thailand: See the sea turtles released into the ocean 23 Mar

India: Coral bleaching noticed at MNP 23 Mar

Pictured: One Sea Turtle’s Worth of Plastic 22 Mar

Environment-friendly artificial reefs for Sandakan waters 20 Mar

Satellite tagged turtle enters Fiji waters 18 Mar

Kenya: U.S. Envoy launches National Sea Turtle Strategy 18 Mar

Kuwait supports environmental initiative 18 Mar

U.S. Government fails to protect loggerhead sea turtles 17 Mar

Mass nesting of turtles ends at Rushikulya 17 Mar

UAE: Record toll of turtles wash up in reptile rehab 16 Mar

Australia: Shell of a tale for rescued turtles 16 Mar

Indian fisherfolk chip in 16 Mar

Higher sea temperatures endanger the Coral Triangle 14 Mar

Malaysia: 23,500 turtles hatch in Malacca 13 Mar

WA to stop Shell's plans if reef at risk 11 Mar

3.6 lakh Olive Ridley turtles lay eggs at Gahirmatha 11 Mar

South Africa: 5 years jailtime for killing of turtle 11 Mar

Viet Nam: Campaign on marine turtle conservation in Quang Tri 11 Mar

Australia: Shock as floods kill off reef 10 Mar

BIMP-EAGA region gets recognition for biodiversity 10 Mar

India: Sail away home 9 Mar

Tracked for the first time: Tiny loggerhead turtles 9 Mar

Cyclone damage to Great Barrier Reef 8 Mar

Shell drilling too risky for reef: WWF 8 Mar

Endangered species: Egypt's marine turtles 8 Mar

India: Record number of Olive Ridley turtle eggs 7 Mar

Ford grants support ten regional grass-roots projects 6 Mar

127 Ridley turtles let into sea from forest dept hatchery 6 Mar

India: Olive Ridley turtles come to lay eggs 4 Mar

Killer plastic bags choke rare Phuket leatherback 4 Mar

Turtles turn for mass nesting at Rushikulya 4 Mar

Australia: Concerns for sea turtles after floods 4 Mar

Carcasses of over 10,000 Olive Ridley turtles washed ashore 4 Mar

Olive Ridley turtles start nesting at Gahirmatha 3 Mar

Dead leatherback sea turtle discovered in Phuket 3 Mar

India: Spread the word... 2 Mar

Scientists studying migration patters of sea turtles in Sabah 2 Mar

India: 10 Olive Ridley turtles hatched 2 Mar


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