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IOSEA Marine Turtle Site Network: Preliminary proposals & Image Gallery

A dedicated page on the IOSEA website contains all current information about the ongoing development of the Network of Sites of Importance for Marine Turtles in the IOSEA region.

In recent months the Secretariat has solicited suggestions of potential candidate sites from members of the IOSEA Advisory Committee and other experts. This exercise has generated a list of about 80 potential candidate sites or areas in some 34 countries around the IOSEA region. The preliminary list is now being circulated more widely within the IOSEA constituency with a view to refining and rounding out the list of suggested candidate sites. More »

Showcasing France's implementation of IOSEA in the Southwest Indian Ocean

In October 2011, the French Ministry of Ecology published a remarkably comprehensive report on France’s implementation of the IOSEA Marine Turtle Memorandum of Understanding, using the IOSEA Online Reporting Facility to capture the information.

This detailed report is a wonderful example of how a country, with sufficient resources, can fulfill its commitments to sea turtle conservation under IOSEA. Not only does the report describe a tremendous number of activities carried out in several French territories in the southwest Indian Ocean (e.g. La Réunion, Mayotte, Tromelin, Iles Eparses etc.), it gives a candid account of where measures have not been fully implemented in some instances and where additional work is envisaged.  More »

Exploring the migration of Bangladesh's olive ridley turtles

Marinelife Alliance is a conservation and research organization working on behalf of marine life -- particularly sea turtles, cetaceans, coral reefs and water birds -- along the coast and marine waters of Bangladesh. As part of our sea turtle research we are conducting satellite tracking on sea turtles to explore their critical ecological requirements, which is needed to apply the conservation measures to save them.  More »


In this month’s Profile, we analyse the national reports submitted to the Scientific Committee of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) for useful information on fisheries-turtle interactions. These reports, which have never before been reviewed systematically from this standpoint, have much to offer. Among other things, they describe the size and distribution of fleets potentially impacting turtles in the Indian Ocean, as well as details of progress made by IOTC member countries in implementing turtle bycatch mitigation measures.

March saw some important additions to the IOSEA Marine Turtle Site Network page, with the inclusion of a list of about 80 potential candidate sites suggested by experts, as well as a new Image Gallery corresponding to each of the proposed areas. IOSEA Focal Points are reminded that official proposals for nomination of sites should reach the Secretariat six months before the next meeting of Signatory States, due to take place in 2014.

A second feature article draws attention to the excellent national report of France, which can be found in the IOSEA Online Reporting Facility. This exemplary report of IOSEA implementation has just been fully translated into English, with the help of our intern Pishum Migraine.

A report from Bangladesh highlights an ongoing satellite tracking project initiated in February by the NGO: Marinelife Alliance. The circuitous movements of an olive ridley turtle have now been tracked for more than 40 days, as it meanders around the Bay of Bengal.

March saw a flurry of important arrivals and departures of personnel in the secretariat of IOSEA and its parent organisation, the Convention on Migratory Species. Bradnee Chambers entered on duty as the new CMS Executive Secretary, taking over the reins from Elizabeth Mrema who has returned to a post in UNEP-Nairobi. Closer to home, Patcharin Supitchakul has recently moved to another position in the regional UNEP office in Bangkok. During the transitional period to identify a new IOSEA Team Assistant, she continues to help with the updating of the IOSEA website. We thank her for her valuable contributions during her more than five years of service to IOSEA. Finally, Siri Quade has just finished three months gaining work experience in the IOSEA Secretariat, which has culminated with a number of useful outputs related to the Site Network.

Looking ahead, the coming weeks should see the finalisation of the long-awaited Loggerhead Assessment, the start of work to develop a new international flipper tag recovery database, and further developments on the IOSEA Marine Turtle Site Network. Also, the Secretariat looks forward to hearing whether any country wishes to come forward and offer to host the Seventh Meeting of IOSEA Signatory States.

Before closing, we wish to acknowledge with great appreciation the important voluntary financial contribution that has just been provided by South Africa’s Department of Environment Affairs.

Last, but not least, please enjoy the News Headlines from March.

MONTHLY ROUND-UP: What you may have missed in March
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Oman: Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve prepares for nesting season
30 Mar

Michelle Yeoh names turtle hatcheries after family members 29 Mar

Philippines: US vessel to be lifted from reef 29 Mar

Thailand: Phuket to stage annual turtle release 28 Mar

Maldives: Police assist with sea turtle rescue 28 Mar

Indonesia: Tainted turtle meat kills at least 3 kids, poisons hundreds 27 Mar

First ‘sex-on-the-reef’ recorded on India’s only coral atolls 27 Mar

Wine tasters raise 200,000 baht to protect sea turtles 27 Mar

Indonesia: Bengkulu targets hatching of 1,500 turtle eggs this year 26 Mar

Australia reef shallows may cross “damage threshold” 26 Mar

Phuket opinion: Draining Phuket turtle power 24 Mar

Two more turtle nestings spread cheer in Mandrem 24 Mar

Philippines: 2 dolphins, sea turtle found dead 23 Mar

India: Sindhudurg beaches beckon nature lovers 21 Mar

India: Mass nesting by Olive Ridley turtles 20 Mar

Indonesia: Falling in love with sea turtles 19 Mar

Leatherback hatchlings return to the sea north of Phuket 18 Mar

India: Carcass of sea turtle found on Keri beach 18 Mar

Malaysia: Turtles returning to Setiu 18 Mar

A turtle’s tale in Tanzania 14 Mar

Philippines: Why save the sea turtles? 13 Mar

India: More turtles visit Chennai beach for nesting 11 Mar

India: Environmentalists raise doubts on Olive Ridley conservation 11 Mar

India: Are Olive Ridley turtles unwelcome visitors? 10 Mar

India: Government scraps proposal to develop port at Barunei 9 Mar

UAE: ‘Support marine conservation’ 8 Mar

Climate conducive to hatching of Olive Ridley eggs 8 Mar

DENR orders Rainforest Park to release endangered species 7 Mar

Foresters stir affecting vigil on sea turtles in Odisha 7 Mar

India: When cradle becomes deathbed 6 Mar

Scientists study reef remnants to understand climate change 6 Mar

UAE: Making way for the Hawksbills 5 Mar

India: 231 olive ridleys let into sea from hatchery 5 Mar


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