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EEPSEA workshop - Bangkok Taxing electricity to help conserve turtles in Asia?

The results of a study that aimed to determine if the general public would be willing to pay to support a regional marine turtle conservation programme were presented in Bangkok on 23 July . The study found that although the public is well aware of the plight of marine turtles, and appear to attach more importance to protecting turtles than other species, the amount that urban dwellers were willing to pay voluntarily for their conservation was extremely modest. More »

"Bellagio II" meeting participants Financing Pacific leatherback conservation

Terengganu, Malaysia, which once welcomed thousands of Leatherback turtles to its shores, was the setting for a pivotal meeting to develop a plan for financing the conservation of this highly endangered species.

A diverse group of specialists from several disciplines gathered from 17-20 July to consider and brainstorm fundamental issues of concern to Pacific leatherback turtles
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Papua New Guinea nesting beach Tri-national leatherback conservation plan makes progress

The Bismarck Solomon Seas Ecoregion (BSSE) is a seascape that stretches from the Vogelkop (Doberai) Peninsula of Papua, Indonesia, across the Admiralty and Bismarck archipelagos of Papua New Guinea, to Makira Island of Solomon Islands. A technical consultation was recently held in Jakarta, aimed at further developing a sub-regional conservation plan to conserve leatherback turtles of the BSSE. More »

Mojeidi Island, Eritrea, nesting beach Cleaning up Eritrea’s premier turtle nesting beach

Mojeidi, a small island on the eastern Dahlak Archipelago, is one of Eritrea’s best known hawksbill nesting sites.
The area hosts a rich ecosystem of coral reef, macroalgae and small area of mangroves. The Marine Turtle Team of the ECMIB Project conducted a two-day cleaning campaign on 5-6 July 2007 in two main nesting beach sectors.
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MONTHLY ROUND-UP: Headlines you may have missed in July

Philippines: lab to release green sea turtle
(30 July)

Tata port imperils Orissa coast (30 July)

Taiwan strives to conserve rare turtles (27 July)

Oman cyclone damage assessed (25 July)

Malaysia urged to rethink cloning plan (25 July)

Tax electricity to save sea turtles (24 July)

Conference ends with plan to save leatherbacks (23 July)

Ancient sea turtles face modern dilemma (23 July)

Marine agency to help turtles lay eggs (21 July)

Fisheries dept considers cloning leatherbacks (19 July)

Small steps key to saving giant turtles (19 July)

We need funding for leatherbacks (18 July)

Tatas turn turtle on Greenpeace promise (18 July)

Human 'turtles' protest before company office (17 July)

Hong Kong: Green turtles returned to wild (17 July)

Sea turtles' protection faces challenges (17 July)

Experts seek to save rare turtle (16 July)

The silent wail of our marine life (16 July)

Long-term financing sought for leatherbacks (16 July)

Orissa: Children take up turtle cause (16 July)

Turtle 'signals' desire for survival (15 July)

Ex-poachers help protect Sri Lankan turtles (14 July)

Fiji: The future of ancient creatures (14 July)

Thailand: Turtles, dolphins wash ashore (13 July)

Malaysia mulls cloning rare turtles (12 July)

Malaysia to try to clone threatened turtles (12 July)

This will surely let turtles off the hook (9 July)

Greenpeace determined to save sea turtles (6 July)

India: Greenpeace in soup over Tata project (6 July)

Brunei: Turtle centre receives royal visitor (5 July)

Greenpeace at centre of port row (5 July)

Myanmar’s turtles still big business (5 July)

Malaysia to release 1000s of hawksbill turtles (4 July)

Malaysia: 30,000 hawksbills to be released (4 July)

Thailand: Caring for turtle breeding grounds (3 July)

Greens protest over Dhamra port rejected (3 July)

Greenpeace accused of manipulating report (1 July)


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for AUGUST 2007

Child drawing turtle in sand on Comoros beach
IOSEA supports community-based conservation in Comoros

Hosting a substantial population of Green turtles, the islands of the Republic of Comoros have a strong awareness of turtle conservation issues, as evidenced by the wide range of activities carried out in the Year of the Turtle.


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