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More observations on satellite tracking – two case studies

This month we’re following a couple of ongoing satellite tracking projects with interest – as ‎much for the planning that went into them as for the scientific findings they are expected to ‎produce. ‎

The most ambitious project – a collaboration between the Emirates Wildlife Society / WWF ‎and the Marine Research Foundation – is simultaneously tracking 20 hawksbill turtles tagged ‎in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. The movements of ‎the five turtles tagged in each country can be followed on The project has been ‎running for only 3 or 4 months, but it has already yielded some interesting findings.‎ More »

Tackling fisheries bycatch: A tale of two cities, two workshops

Fishing vessel in the port of Masirah, OmanTwo workshops focusing on the global problem of fisheries bycatch have been held in recent weeks. While the meetings may have shared a common theme, their approaches and outcomes were markedly different.

A three-day Coral Triangle Fishers Forum was held in Bali, Indonesia, from 15-17 June – organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, in partnership with the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC). The “Coral Triangle” refers to a vast area of rich marine biodiversity shared by Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands, and Timor-Leste. More »


Lots of interesting headlines this month, worth reading now if you didn’t catch them when the articles first appeared: Among them: a very sobering article about the Philippines’ Turtle Islands, where law enforcement is hindered by practical realities that must surely exist in many other parts of the IOSEA region; the ongoing Indian saga of Orissa turtles, Greenpeace and TATA – but also some more positive news from India concerning a local conservation group, as well as a plan to demarcate the Gulf of Mannar National Park; a rare update on conservation activities in Kenya; and details of a plan in Oman to build a 40km long causeway to attract more tourists to Masirah Island, home to one of the world’s largest loggerhead turtle populations. No further comment needed.

We are grateful to have received from Estelle Germaine, who works for Groupe Tortues Marine France (GTMF) a complete French translation of the IOSEA National Report template. This impressive undertaking will be posted online in August as a favour to all francophone IOSEA member States, who may find it easier to work with a French text. This is the first of a number of steps that may be taken in the coming months to make the IOSEA website a little friendlier for non-English speakers.

You may have noticed that the website was down for a few days in July, during essential security upgrading. But we are also very grateful, paradoxically, to the hackers whose depraved (but fortunately relatively benign) actions drew our attention to a fundamental weakness in our internet security defenses.

A few words about some members of the wider IOSEA community: Ronel Nel (South African Chair of the WIO-Marine Turtle Task Force) is presently on an extended sabbatical, but she wrote to say that she will be keeping tabs on the WIO-MTTF from somewhere in Alaska or Seattle, when not fishing for salmon. Stephane Ciccione (WIO-MTTF Vice-Chair) is just back from a lengthy field trip to Juan de Nova and Europa in the SW Indian Ocean, and another one to Moheli, in Comoros. His water-logged report on the interesting Comoros-based work will be posted shortly. Paparazzi are reporting that Jack Frazier (the elusive Chair of the IOSEA Advisory Committee) was last seen in Managua, Nicaragua, but these sightings have yet to be confirmed. Alexis Gutierrez (Chair of the Site Network Working Group) has been helping out with Gulf of Mexico oil spill mitigation efforts, but hopefully will have some time for IOSEA turtle work in the not to distant future. Speaking of the site network, we hope to have a substantially revised draft of the proposal to circulate to WG members in the coming weeks.

Finally, for anyone interested in multi-dimensional, grass roots conservation in Thailand, take a look at the latest installment of the Naucrates newsletter from Monica Aureggi and her team of volunteers. Well done!

MONTHLY ROUND-UP: What you may have missed in July
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Turtle Islands: Hundreds of nautical miles away from justice 30 Jul

Australia: Torres the turtle goes back to the wild 28 Jul

ArcelorMittal joins race for Orissa’s Barunei port 28 Jul

Turtle feeding habitats unaffected by coral bleaching 27 Jul

Tata suit: HC grants time to Greenpeace 27 Jul

Leatherback turtles, Maluku’s marine eco-tourism icon 27 Jul

UAE: Trackers establish turtle preferences 26 Jul

Addiction to plastic is fuelling marine disaster 25 Jul

Turtles teach life-changing values like patience 25 Jul

Fiji: Different experience for Yadua islanders 24 Jul

Maravanthe beach is all set to study Olive Ridley turtles 24 Jul

Authorities to protect coral reef in Tamil Nadu 23 Jul

TATA tries to silence critics, takes Greenpeace to court 23 Jul

Entrepreneurs sponsor marine conservation projects 23 Jul

Oman to build $1.5 bln bridge to turtle island 22 Jul

Local authorities won’t press charges vs 13 dynamite fishers 22 Jul

Indonesia demands compensation for Timor Sea spill 22 Jul

Pakistan: Seashells and a dead turtle... what’s next? 21 Jul

RP adopts SEA action plan for marine conservation 21 Jul

India: Tatas sue NGO over turtle game 18 Jul

Coral reefs suffer mass bleaching 18 Jul

Qatar: Tracking turtles in the Gulf 17 Jul

Australia: Action urged to protect Bribie’s turtles 16 Jul

China makes great efforts to the protection of sea turtles 15 Jul

New clean-up bid to save Bahrain coral reef 15 Jul

Kenyan conservation groups work to save sea turtles 15 Jul

Turtle recall: Keeping track of threatened creatures 9 Jul

Philippines: 2 sea turtles find sanctuary in Virac 8 Jul

Expert helps Indonesia turtle project 6 Jul

‘Unplanned beach uplift poses threat to turtles’ 6 Jul

Seychelles: Shell-tered existence 5 Jul


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