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Pakistan announces new national marine turtle committee and IOSEA Focal Point

The Government of Pakistan has established a “National Committee for Conservation of Marine Turtles” by way of a resolution published in the Gazette of Pakistan. As announced by Syed Mahmood Nasir, Inspector General Forests, Ministry of Climate Change, the committee aims to ensure the conservation of marine turtles in accordance with the IOSEA Conservation and Management Plan, and to enhance cooperation and coordination among different government and non-government sectors in the conservation or marine turtles and their habitats in Pakistan. More »

IOTC adopts updated resolution on marine turtle conservation

Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) logoThe Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) has recently published an updated resolution on the conservation of marine turtles. Resolution 12/04 which was adopted by the Commission at its last meeting held in Freemantle, Australia, in April 2012, supersedes an earlier recommendation (05/08) and resolution (09/06) on the same topic.

Notably, the new resolution draws attention to the IOTC Scientific Committee’s concern “that the lack of data from Contracting Parties and cooperating non-contracting Parties (CPCs) on the interactions and mortality of marine turtles from fisheries under the mandate of the IOTC undermines the ability to estimate levels of turtle bycatch and consequently IOTC’s capacity to respond and manage adverse effects of fishing on marine turtles”.  More »

A sad reminder about the deadly impact of waste on marine turtles

Recently, Stephane Ciccione, director of "Kelonia, the observatory of marine turtles", received a call from a group of people sailing near Cap La Houssaye. They had just seen a turtle floating at the surface and did not know what to do about it. As they approached, the animal did not respond and even tried to swim away. After boarding the turtle on the boat, the crew came back to the harbour and handed it to Stephane, who immediately took the turtle to the vet. More »


We are pleased to bring you an informative Profile of the Month that offers unique insights into marine turtle conservation activities in the Republic of Korea. It is probably the most comprehensive overview available in English on this subject. Although Korea is not yet a signatory to IOSEA, marine turtles frequent its waters and the fishing operations conducted by Korean vessels are directly relevant to marine turtles.

Special attention is drawn to a message posted last week on the IOSEA Message Board, seeking a consultant to undertake an Ecological Risk Assessment for marine turtles in the IOSEA region, on behalf of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission and the IOSEA Marine Turtle MoU. The output from this jointly-funded initiative is due in December 2012. The deadline for applications, to be sent directly to the IOTC Secretariat, is Thursday, 9 August 2012.

As noted above, feature articles on the website in July highlighted a number of interesting developments relevant to IOSEA, including the creation of a national marine turtle committee in Pakistan and appointment of a new national Focal Point; and the IOTC's adoption of an updated resolution on marine turtle conservation which will take effect in August 2012.

Reminder to IOSEA Focal Points about two ongoing processes: Copies of national sea turtle plans were due by the end of July and any comments on the draft Site Network Evaluation Criteria are requested by 19 August.

The Secretariat has made a few changes to the IOSEA website: increasing the number and frequency of posting of Message Board items (in response to a considerable increase in turtle-related activities); adding an appeal for contributions of content to the website; and discontinuing the Twitter feed which had been introduced on a trial basis in 2011.

In July, the Secretariat organised a conference call that brought together representatives of each of the four IOSEA sub-regions: Dr. Novianto Bambang Wawandono, Director of Biodiversity Conservation, Indonesia (Southeast Asia 'plus'); Dr. S.K. Khanduri, Inspector General of Forests (Wildlife), India (Northern Indian Ocean); Dr. Thabit Zahran Al-Abdessalaam, Director, Biodiversity Management Sector, Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, UAE (Northwest Indian Ocean) and Dr. Marguerite Rasolofo Voahirana on behalf of Director, Centre National de Recherches sur l’Environnement (CNRE), Madagascar (Western Indian Ocean). Technical difficulties prevented a connection to the Advisory Committee Chairman, Dr. Jack Frazier. A summary of the points discussed can be made available to national Focal Points and Advisory Committee members, upon request.

Next month: look forward to a report on a CBD-organised workshop to identify "Ecologicaly or Biologically Significant Marine Areas (EBSAs) in the southern Indian Ocean, presently taking place in Mauritius.

Last, but not least, the Secretariat wishes to acknowledge with thanks additional financial contributions in support of work of the IOSEA Marine Turtle MoU received from the Governments of Oman, Thailand and the United States.

MONTHLY ROUND-UP: What you may have missed in July
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Australia: Turtle rescued after bag swallow 30 Jul

Thai moms and Queen Sirikit honored at turtle release event 29 Jul

Malaysia: Ban turtle egg sale, state urged 28 Jul

Philippines’ excellent coral reefs ‘less than 5%’ 27 Jul

India: Wildlife activists oppose lighthouse at Dhamra 25 Jul

Australia: Far Northern anglers hit out at science 23 Jul

Call to declare marine turtle habitat protected area 23 Jul

Timor Sea Oil Spill ‘just as devastating as Gulf of Mexico’ 22 Jul

Marine turtle ingestion of plastic investigated 21 Jul

Great Barrier Reef at a crossroads 18 Jul

Malaysia: Lifeline for turtles 17 Jul

Top marine scientists warn reefs in rapid decline 16 Jul

Indonesia’s coral reefs being destroyed 16 Jul

Locals helping Chinese poachers, officials say 15 Jul

Conservationists want trade ban on turtle eggs 15 Jul

No-take areas benefit fisheries 13 Jul

Marine turtle conservation project sees tumultuous support 12 Jul

Malaysia: Pulling turtles from the brink 12 Jul

Advocacy recommends NOAA to further analyse on TEDs 12 Jul

Invest fully in Reef, WWF tells govt 12 Jul

Hawksbill finds safe haven in Qatar shores 11 Jul

Perak Fisheries Dept. seeks donors for turtle conservation 11 Jul

Australians ‘losing war to save reef’ 10 Jul

85% of ‘Coral Triangle’ reefs at risk 9 Jul

More green turtle landings in Pahang this year 9 Jul

Endangered Hawksbill turtles now hatching on Saadiyat Island 9 Jul

Australia: Time to ‘step up’ on Reef protection 8 Jul

Renewing Fiji’s turtle conservation 6 Jul

UAE: Dewa sponsors 8 hawksbill turtles in race 5 Jul

Turtle Recovery Workshop to address Turtle Migration 5 Jul

PADI divers prepare for Phuket’s biggest coral reef cleanup 5 Jul

UAE: Turtle Conservation Programme highlighted 5 Jul

Freedom release: Whale shark and sea turtles in China 5 Jul

Malaysia: IdeaBug lays plan to preserve turtle habitat 4 Jul

Viet Nam: Police raid sea turtle slaughterhouse in south 4 Jul

Malaysia: Conserving Tioman’s coral reefs 4 Jul

Use of illegal cyanide fishing technique damages coral reefs 3 Jul

Empowering villagers through turtle conservation 2 Jul

India: Rescued turtle goes back to sea 1 Jul


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