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IOSEA Satellite Tracking Metadatabase tops 1200 entries!

Copyright: David P. RobinsonThe IOSEA Satellite Tracking Metadatabase provides an overview of tracking studies that have been conducted in the IOSEA region, helping to highlight complementary data sources never before compiled in a single reference.

As of today, the metadatabase contains information on 1,225 satellite-tracked turtles from about 30 countries of the IOSEA region. The database includes details of 220 current and past projects, of which about 70 have published their results in the literature or online, while another 150 have shared their information on the site. More »

WIOMSA Scientific Symposium draws “Team IOSEA” together in Maputo

View of Maputo c/o wikivoyageMembers of the extended IOSEA family took advantage of their attendance at the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association’s Scientific Symposium (Maputo, Mozambique, 28 Oct - 2 Nov 2013) to hold an informative gathering on marine turtle conservation issues.

The full-day session was organised on 31 October under the umbrella of the IOSEA Western Indian Ocean - Marine Turtle Task Force, thanks to the efforts of Peter Richardson and Lindsey West (Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively). The event was reasonably well attended despite several other events taking place simultaneously. Task Force members or proxies from Comoros, France (Réunion), Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, and United Kingdom were present, and participants from Kenya, Mauritius and Madagascar were among others who provided valuable inputs. More »


We’re pleased to present the December issue of the IOSEA e-News, despite the ongoing political strife that has engulfed parts of Bangkok, particularly in recent weeks. The United Nations office which houses the Secretariat has been closed some days and working hours have been reduced on others, as it is located in the heart of ongoing demonstrations and in close proximity to violent flash points.

In the Profile of the Month for December, Dr Peter Richardson (Marine Conservation Society, UK) describes the Community Voice Method, an innovative way to engage stakeholders in discussions about resource use and policy-making. Presented from the perspective of actual experience in a UK overseas territory, the method could have practical application in parts of the wider IOSEA region. Those interested are invited to contact the principals involved for more information.

We report on a workshop that was organised in Maputo at the end of October, in the margins of the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association’s Scientific Symposium. The day-long session brought together members of the extended IOSEA family to discuss a range of marine turtle conservation issues.

Readers are reminded of the IOSEA Satellite Tracking Metadatabase which provides a comprehensive overview of tracking studies that have been conducted across the IOSEA region over the last two decades. The database now contains information on 1,225 turtles satellite-tracked from about 30 countries around the Indian Ocean.

Finally, we would like to welcome Mr. Gcobani Popose, Director: Ocean Conservation Strategies, as South Africa’s new IOSEA Focal Point; and draw attention to updated contact details for counterparts in the United States (Mr. Stephen J. Wilger, Foreign Service Officer, Department of State) and Mozambique (Mr Henriques Balidy, Centre for Sustainable Development of Coastal Zones). Please consult the Membership section of the IOSEA website for details.

As always, we invite you to check out the News Headlines and Message Board for November to catch up on interesting stories you may have missed from around the IOSEA region . . .

MONTHLY ROUND-UP: What you may have missed in November
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Australia: loggerhead turtles nesting on the Sunshine Coast 30 Nov

India: Turtle conservation plan for Gulf of Mannar in the offing 29 Nov

India: Students’ Olive Ridley mission! 28 Nov

Leatherback turtle no longer Critically Endangered 26 Nov

Australia: Flatback turtles make way to Eighty Mile beach 26 Nov

China: Superman releases turtle after plastic ingestion 26 Nov

Mediterranean study: impacts of longline fishing on turtles 26 Nov

Odisha: Coast Guard launches ‘Operation Oliver’ 25 Nov

UGA gets $1.3 million grant for loggerhead research 25 Nov

Australia: rare giant turtle washes up at Suffolk Park 24 Nov

India: Olive ridleys were entangled in trawler fishing nets 21 Nov

India: turtle deaths remain a mystery 20 Nov

Australia: look out for nesting turtles in Mackay 20 Nov

Can corals adapt to climate change? 20 Nov

U.S. task force pushes for better management of coral reefs 19 Nov

India: turtles start gathering on Odisha coast for nesting 19 Nov

‘Un-Mappable’ Great Barrier Reef Finally Mapped 18 Nov

Seven fishermen held in restricted zone in Odisha 16 Nov

India: season’s first turtle nesting at Galgibaga 16 Nov

Australia: fines tripled for dugong and turtle killers 14 Nov

Philippines: Tawi-Tawi island turtle sanctuary bill backed 12 Nov

India: Green Partners in conservation 11 Nov

Australia: 220 visitors turn up for turtles at Mon Repos 11 Nov

Ultraviolet nets significantly reduce sea turtle bycatch 11 Nov

Australia: turtle baby boom at Mon Repos Park 8 Nov

Vietnam: illegal hunting of sea turtles runs rampant 7 Nov

Malaysia: 3 hawksbill shells smuggled by air passengers 6 Nov

Australia: rescue too late for giant loggerhead turtle 5 Nov

Two Malaysian fishers nabbed in Palawan 4 Nov

Big picture: a sea turtle in a wind tunnel 4 Nov

New Gaya Island Resort Marine Centre launches in Borneo 1 Nov

India: Olive Ridleys yet to arrive at Kolavi beach 1 Nov


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