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NOAA proposes critical habitat revisions for leatherback sea turtles

Leatherback sea turtle c/o NOAANOAA’s Fisheries Service is seeking public comment on a proposed rule to expand critical habitat for the endangered leatherback sea turtle by designating more than 70,000 square miles in three areas in the Pacific Ocean off the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington.

Every summer and fall, Pacific leatherbacks migrate from their nesting beaches in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu to forage for jellyfish in waters off the U.S. West Coast. The proposed designation would therefore complement conservation actions undertaken in the Western Pacific. More »

Monitoring, tagging and conservation of marine turtles in Mozambique

AICM and GTT logosCristina Louro (Grupo de Trabalho Tartarugas Marinhas - Mocambique) has kindly forwarded a report on marine turtle conservation activities in Mozambique, prepared by Marcos Pereira, Eduardo Videira and Dalila Naraneby on behalf of the ‘Associacao para Investigacao Costeira e Marinha’ (AICM).

Marine turtle nesting data are presented for the 2008/09 season. A total of 626 nests were reported, with the majority (68.2%) of them being laid in southern Mozambique (Bazaruto Archipelago – Ponta do Ouro). The loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta) was dominant in terms of number of nests (356), followed by the green turtle (Chelonia mydas, 189 nests) and the leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea, 63 nests). More »


Mission travel has dictated our work over the last few weeks, so the Secretariat finds itself in catch-up mode these first few days of February. The Coordinator travelled to Bonn, Germany, for wide-ranging discussions with colleagues in the Secretariat of the Convention on Migratory Species, in his capacity as Senior CMS Advisor. The parent Convention has a very full agenda in the coming months, some of which involves the outposted CMS office in Bangkok.

From there, he travelled to Paris to attend a well-organised symposium bringing together French turtle practitioners from around the world, as described in more detail in an upcoming IOSEA feature article. Taking advantage of this infrequent trip to Europe, he travelled next to the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre (WCMC) in Cambridge, UK, which has worked closely with CMS / IOSEA for the better part of two decades.

Discussions there focused on the transfer of the IOSEA Interactive Mapping System (IMAPS) to a more technologically advanced platform; and on ongoing work for CMS related to the development of flexible reporting and analysis tools. With its Online Reporting Facility, IOSEA has led the way in this area for many years, and hopefully some of its analytical tools will find their way into the system that WCMC is currently developing. If so, the new application might eventually be attractive for IOSEA purposes as well.

After brief stopovers in Bonn and Bangkok, the Coordinator has just returned from a short mission to Manila, on behalf of CMS, related to the organisation of the forthcoming "Third Meeting on International Cooperation on Migratory Sharks" to be held in the Philippine capital from 8-12 February 2010. Two additional CMS-related commitments are foreseen in the coming weeks: a meeting of the East Asia - Australasia Flyway Partnership towards the end of February, and the Seventh Meeting of Signatories to the CMS Siberian Crane MoU, in March. Later this month, Phuket, Thailand, will be the venue for the annual “SEASTAR" workshop which brings together marine scientists and other experts to discuss research developments concerning sea turtles and other marine species.

In closing, we thank Dr Jeanne Mortimer for her comprehensive overview this month of tags and tagging in Seychelles, which will also be of considerable interest to many others beyond that Western Indian Ocean island State.

As always, we would be delighted to publish your contributions as feature articles or Profiles of the Month that will be read by hundreds of followers of the website from around the world -- so keep them coming!

MONTHLY ROUND-UP: What you may have missed in January
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India: A study centre for visiting marine turtles 31 Jan

Thailand: Dead sea turtle washes up at Saphan Hin 29 Jan

Endangered turtles released at Lord Howe Island 28 Jan

Thailand: Leatherbacks return to Phuket 28 Jan

1,000 endangered turtles found dead in Orissa beach 27 Jan

New Zealand: Dizzy back on song for long life 26 Jan

Fiji: Villagers to tag marine turtles 26 Jan

Australia: Fishing restrictions aid turtles’ recovery 26 Jan

Brunei: Delegates Go ‘Green’ In Berakas Reserve 26 Jan

India: Bio-diversity conservation top on ICZM agenda 25 Jan

India: 15 held for fishing near famous turtle nesting site 25 Jan

Microsoft staff in Oman reef clean up project 24 Jan

Minister to lead pack in releasing turtles back to the sea 22 Jan

India: Stalled Korean mining operations face fresh protests 21 Jan

Australia: Turtle tracks found along Coast 21 Jan

Australia: Turtles need a chance 21 Jan

831 Ridley turtle hatchlings released in to sea 21 Jan

Ban on Fiji sea turtle harvesting extended 20 Jan

Kuwait turtle nesting season low, bleak 19 Jan

India: Use of banned nets poses threat 19 Jan

Australia: A vision of turtles 18 Jan

Chennai beaches get cleaned for Ridley nesting season 18 Jan

Coral Triangle summit to seek clearer path to sustainability 18 Jan

Brunei rallies with $3.3mil turtle centre 17 Jan

Fund delay puts sea-turtle, tamaraw projects at risk 17 Jan

Australian sea turtles threatened by feral pigs 15 Jan

Malaysia: Higher fences for baby turtles 15 Jan

Thailand: Glimmer of hope for Phuket sea turtles 15 Jan

‘Coral reefs falling victim to Navy’s target practice’ 14 Jan

Australia: Baby boom for turtles 13 Jan

NGO hits Palace on budget for crucial conservation projects 13 Jan

Viet Nam: Fishing industry bids to cut bycatch 13 Jan

Thailand: Sea turtle lays 321st egg 12 Jan

Indonesia: Bringing the reefs back to life 12 Jan

India: Breeding blight 11 Jan

GIS mapping of city’s beaches to save turtle habitat 11 Jan

World\'s biodiversity ‘crisis’ needs action, says UN 11 Jan

India: Need for conserving Olive Ridleys 9 Jan

ProFauna Indonesia Annual Review 2009 7 Jan

‘Greater Phuket’ wins back a giant leatherback 6 Jan

New Year.. New life.. 6 Jan

India: Turtles dying en masse on Odisha coast 5 Jan

Vast protected area proposed for leatherbacks 5 Jan

Malaysia: Mamutik Hawksbill joy 5 Jan

Washed up flip-flops get underfoot on Africa’s coast 4 Jan

Sea turtles fitted with GPS in Phuket 4 Jan

The olive ridley tragedy washes up 4 Jan

Turtle bites off guide’s finger 2 Jan

Wildlife wing monitoring impact of missile tests 1 Jan

India: DRDO called upon to mask Defence light 1 Jan


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