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Olive Ridley Project - Maldives: new website

Olive Ridley Project websiteThe Olive Ridley Project (ORP) was set up in July 2013 to try to understand the phenomenon of olive ridley turtles drifting to the Maldivian coast after being trapped in ghost nets. The project investigates the origin of these ghost nets and gathers information on fishing techniques used by fisheries in India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives, based on information gathered from a concerned community.

While the ORP initially relied on Facebook and Twitter to disseminate information, it now makes use of a comprehensive website that is still being improved.  More »

FI.MPA.MI.FA receives funding for marine turtle protection in southwest Madagascar

Photo c/o Emma Gibbons, ReefDoctor (Madagascar)Emma Gibbons, of ReefDoctor, has kindly submitted the following feature which will be of interest to other Indigenous community conservation associations that may be eligible for financial support for their turtle programmes.

Fikambanana MPaniriky Miaro ny Fano (FI.MPA.MI.FA) the association of fishers for the protection of marine turtles based in the Bay of Ranobe, Southwest Madagascar has just received funding from First Peoples Worldwide.

The funding will provide vital resources for FI.PA.MI.FA to invest in capacity building aimed at conserving Vezo culture and traditions, whilst also implementing fisheries management strategies to protect marine turtles and their associated habitat. More »

Marine turtle posters at WIOMSA Scientific Symposium

WIOMSAThe 8th Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA) Scientific Symposium was held in Maputo, Mozambique, from 28 October to 2 November 2013, under the theme of “Science and Society: Building Partnerships for Action”. As a service to readers who may not have been able to attend, we have compiled a list of interesting posters and oral presentations of relevance to the conservation of marine turtles in the Western Indian Ocean. More »


We’re a little behind schedule in posting the Profile of the Month and February e-News, but the delay will have given interested readers more time to consult the IOSEA Annual Review of 2013 & Look Ahead to 2014. If you missed it, the review can still be found in the ‘Monthly Profiles’ section of the website Archive.

In the Profile of the Month for February, IOSEA Coordinator Douglas Hykle offers some personal reflections on a career with the United Nations Environment Programme spanning 25 years – an auspicious milestone that was reached early last month.

Also in January, we compiled a list of marine turtle conservation-related posters that were presented at the last WIOMSA Scientific Symposium held in Mozambique, which will be of particular interest to readers in the Western Indian Ocean who may not have had a chance to attend the WIOMSA conference.

Emma Gibbons, from the NGO ReefDoctor, kindly provided details of a grant provided by an Indigenous-led organization, First Peoples Worldwide, to FI.MPA.MI.FA, a community-based marine turtle conservation programme in Madagascar.

We also drew attention to a new website launched by the Maldives-based Olive Ridley Project, which is investigating and aiming to propose solutions to the pervasive problem of turtle entanglement in ghost nets in South Asian waters.

Last month we mentioned a paper the Secretariat was working on that summarises available information on community-based conservation in IOSEA Signatory States, as well as published literature on socio-economics of marine turtle use and conservation in the IOSEA region. The working draft will be circulated this week to all Focal Points and Advisory Committee members, and will also be posted online, with a view to encouraging feedback and additional contributions.

Next week, the Coordinator will travel to Dubai to participate in an event convened under the auspices of IOSEA’s parent organisation, the Convention on Migratory Species, during which as many as two or three countries are expected to add their signatures to the IOSEA Marine Turtle MoU.

Last, but not least, in response to a number of queries about plans for a Meeting of IOSEA Signatory States this year, the Secretariat will be providing an update in the coming days, in the light of recent developments in Thailand and elsewhere.

As always, we invite readers to check out the News Headlines and Message Board items to catch up on interesting stories you may have missed in January.

MONTHLY ROUND-UP: What you may have missed in January
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Australia: Jack the turtle out of his shell 31 Jan

Approval for plan to dump dredge spoil in Barrier Reef 31 Jan

India: Ridley eggs set to be hatched artificially 31 Jan

Australia: Slow recovery for sick turtle 30 Jan

Australia: Turtles on the move 30 Jan

India: Forest dept on turtle trail, to save Ridleys 29 Jan

India: At least 100 dead Olive Ridleys found in Nagapattinam 29 Jan

India, Andhra Pradesh: Hundreds of turtles washed ashore 28 Jan

India, Tamil Nadu: Carcasses of Olive Ridleys washed ashore 28 Jan

India: 154 Olive Ridley turtles dead in 1 month 28 Jan

China: Ritz-Carlton opens sea turtle shelter in Sanya 28 Jan

Sri Lanka: Three nabbed for slaughtering sea turtles 25 Jan

Fiji: Turtle “No take” policy enforced 24 Jan

U.S. Officials Release Sea Turtles In China 24 Jan

India: Mass nesting begins at Rushikulya 24 Jan

India: Fishing trawlers threaten turtle nesting in Odisha 24 Jan

Australia: Lost sea turtle on path to recovery 23 Jan

Australia: Avoid Island not avoided by flatback turtles 23 Jan

Australia: Device stops goannas making a meal of baby turtles 22 Jan

Australia: Turtles overcome natural disasters 22 Jan

Sri Lanka: Albino turtle dies at zoo 21 Jan

Fiji: research to protect turtle population 20 Jan

Study: Identifying danger zones to prevent turtle deaths 18 Jan

Hawksbill sea turtle spotted along Pakistan coast 18 Jan

India: This season, more Olive Ridleys dead 16 Jan

Green turtles off Indonesia island faces new threat 16 Jan

Malaysia: two turtles trapped in fishing net rescued 16 Jan

Fiji: Turtle research expedition kicks off 16 Jan

Philippines: Ilocos wind farm hosts endangered turtles too 14 Jan

Sri Lanka: massive turtle racket exposed 13 Jan

Australia: Urgent call for turtle nest mesh 11 Jan

Australia: No budget announced to protect reef from sediment 10 Jan

India: 156 Olive Ridleys Die in Ten Days 10 Jan

Malaysia: The hidden beauty within Labuan Marine Park 10 Jan

Riddled with Problems: The Olive Ridley in India 10 Jan

Philippines: Sea turtle hatchlings released in Davao 10 Jan

Japan: Sea turtles returning to Ogasawaras 9 Jan

Fossils reveal color of prehistoric leatherback turtles 9 Jan

Indonesia: Rethink needed on turtle conservation 9 Jan

Study: Tags reveal leatherback turtle by-catch hotspots 8 Jan

India: 23 Ridleys washed ashore in two days 8 Jan

Australia: Cause of turtle death unknown 8 Jan

Thai hotel group raises money for turtles 7 Jan

Australia: King tides could have terrible impact on turtle numbers 6 Jan

Australia: Baby turtles about to emerge from nests 4 Jan

Malaysia: Third dead turtle found in Terengganu 3 Jan

Australia: Stranded sea turtle recovering 2 Jan

Malaysia: Rare hawksbill turtle landing makes waves in Bachok 2 Jan

India: Kolavi remains safe haven for Olive Ridley turtles 2 Jan

India: Hindus and Muslims faithful extend an ‘olive’ branch 2 Jan


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