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Mozambique Marine Turtle Capacity-Building Programme

GPS pratical session. c/o Eduardo VideiraThe IOSEA Technical Support and Capacity-Building Programme aims to ‎strengthen the technical capacity of Signatory States, so that ‎they can better implement parts of the IOSEA Conservation and Management Plan.

Mozambique is the first IOSEA Signatory to take advantage of the assistance on offer. A successful field training seminar facilitated by Dr. Mark Hamann was organised in southern Mozambique in late November 2010. A report on the conduct of the training session follows. More »

The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund

The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund WebsiteThe Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund was introduced to participants of the 2nd Marine Conservation Forum held in Abu Dhabi from 14-16 December. The Fund was established in 2009 with an initial endowment of 25 million Euros. Since then, it has already disbursed nearly USD 5 million to over 350 species-related projects worldwide. However, relatively few grants have been awarded for the conservation of marine species. The fund managers hope that this imbalance will be corrected in the coming years with more applications from marine conservationists.  More »

Media Release: Marine debris management connecting Indigenous communities from North Australia and Asia

Sea turtle captured on the East coast, Marchinbar Island, north east Arnhem land, NT, Australia October 2010. c/o Scott Morrison‘Tell us what Ghost net work you have been doing and win a ranger exchange to Aceh, Indonesia,’ said the competition flyer from GhostNets Australia (formerly the Carpentaria Ghost Net Programme).

GhostNets Australia is part of the Australian Government ‘Caring for Our Country’ programme. Gumurr Marthakal Rangers receive support from ‘Working on Country’ funding. More »

New index to access the contents of the IOSEA Profiles of the Month

Over the years, a lot of effort has gone into compiling the IOSEA Profiles of the Month, which are either sourced from external authors or prepared in-house by the Secretariat. Since initiating the series in November 2003, over 80 profiles have been published from some 30 countries across the Indian Ocean – Southeast Asia region. They cover a wide range of topics, all connected in some way to the conservation and management of the region’s marine turtles.

This month, we have prepared a mainly country-based index to make it easier for readers to retrieve older, but still interesting articles from most of the IOSEA Signatory States (and a few non-signatories too). The new Profile of the Month Index complements the existing chronological archive, as well as the website’s built-in Search Engine -- which is a convenient way to search for particular topics of interest through the use of keywords. More »


Happy New Year to all of our faithful readers! We’re a little tardy with the e-News this month, but for a very good reason. We hope you enjoy the IOSEA 2010 Year-End Review and Look Ahead, which tries to capture the major developments in marine turtle conservation around the IOSEA region over the past year.

And what a year it was! If visitation to the IOSEA website can be taken as a sign of interest in marine turtle conservation around the Indian Ocean and South-East Asia, then it is clear that these charismatic species are attracting more and more followers each and every year. Visits to the website were up by 30% in 2010 compared to previous year, and more than 60% higher compared to 2008.

In 2011, IOSEA will mark the tenth anniversary of its coming into effect in September 2001, following nearly two years of intensive negotiations that originated in Perth, Australia, continued in Kuantan, Malaysia, and concluded successfully in Manila, Philippines. While there is much for the current membership of 32 Signatory States and partner organisations to celebrate, many important and interesting institutional challenges still lie ahead this year – including finalisation of the IOSEA Site Network proposal and consolidating working relationships with several intergovernmental and non-governmental partners.

We expect the Signatory States and other interested organisations to meet formally for the sixth time in 2011 – if not in one of the member States, then in Bangkok which is home to the IOSEA Secretariat. While it would be a pleasure to welcome colleagues and friends back to Thailand, it would be equally satisfying to see the profile of marine turtle conservation raised in one of the member States that has never had the privilege of hosting the gathering.

As always, we look forward to receiving and disseminating information about your valuable conservation activities, on whatever scale, throughout the year.

MONTHLY ROUND-UP: What you may have missed in December
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Abu Dhabi UPC in partnership with Emirates Wildlife Society 28 Dec

India: Olive Ridley nesting at peril 27 Dec

India: Marine life comes alive at expo 27 Dec

India: Turtle survey reveals hitherto unknown facts 26 Dec

SFC, GOF clamp down on illegal turtle eggs trade 25 Dec

Life’s a beach for turtle after Qatar rescue 24 Dec

India: Shrinking sea turtle’s nest 21 Dec

India: Odisha High Court issues notices to government 21 Dec

As rare Olive Ridleys mate, Orissa mounts vigil 21 Dec

India: State bats for turtle conservation 20 Dec

Malaysia: Saving turtles with reef balls 20 Dec

Turtle freed from fishing line by UOG students 20 Dec

India: Olive Ridley rookery in Elichetladibba 20 Dec

Australia: LNP to outlaw barbaric traditional hunts 20 Dec

Timor Sea oil blowout to be investigated — Again 20 Dec

Australia: Battle sparked over coal port risk to wildlife 19 Dec

Australia: Rehabilitated turtle takes bus back to reef 17 Dec

India: Olive Ridley hatchlings leave Galgibaga 17 Dec

Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior to visit Taiwan 17 Dec

Study of marine turtles to be carried out on coastline 17 Dec

UAE: Damage to Gulf’s coral reefs ‘is irreversible’ 16 Dec

Malaysia: New national park proposal submitted 16 Dec

India: Olive Ridley turtles arrive on time 16 Dec

Philippines: Saving marine turtles at Montemar 15 Dec

Project monitors threats to coral species in UAE 15 Dec

India: Notice to govt on beach expressway 15 Dec

Philippines: DENR clamps down on wildlife trafficking 15 Dec

PTTEP Australasia accepts blame for oil spill 15 Dec

Singapore: Animal-parts smuggling on the rise 15 Dec

Australia: Solving turtle life mysteries 14 Dec

EWS-WWF holds Marine Conservation Forum 2010 14 Dec

Biological requirements must be addressed 14 Dec

UAE: Dubai builds a new reef coral by coral 14 Dec

Giant sea turtle found in Pangasinan released to sea 14 Dec

Brunei: Blue flag hoped to usher turtles’ return 13 Dec

India: Turtle tales of Chennai 13 Dec

Australia: Exmouth turtle nesting tours 13 Dec

India: On a mission to protect Olive Ridley turtle eggs 13 Dec

Australia: Turtles lay eggs on Coast 12 Dec

India: DAVP calendar reflects green concern 12 Dec

Australia: Seasons first green turtle 11 Dec

India: DRDO objects to Orissa’s four port projects 10 Dec

Bangladesh: 3 fined in maiden drive to save environment 8 Dec

UAE: Reef relocation from Jebel Ali to Jumeirah begins 8 Dec

New Zealand: DOC calls for rare marine animal sightings 8 Dec

Palawan coral reef threatened by illegal fishing 8 Dec

Saving the gardeners of the ocean 7 Dec

India: Advance visit of Olive Ridleys spreads cheer 7 Dec

India: Turtle eggs saved from landing in frying pans 7 Dec

Singapore starts comprehensive marine biodiversity survey 7 Dec

India: ‘Theeram’ protects Olive Ridley turtles 7 Dec

Taiwan: Coral reefs still in danger: TEIA 6 Dec

South Africa: Pregnant pauses in turtles’ diary 6 Dec

Olive Ridley Turtle hatchings discovered in Kelating Beach 6 Dec

Australia: More turtles visit coast 4 Dec

Turtle tagging volunteers got a true Pilbara experience 3 Dec

Quiksilver on board to help Bali’s troubled sea turtles 1 Dec


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