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Report of the Sixth Meeting of IOSEA Signatory States now available

The Report of the Sixth Meeting of the Signatory States to the Indian Ocean - Southeast Asia Marine Turtle Memorandum of Understanding has just been published. Hard copies are presently being sent by post to meeting participants, as well as other interested individuals and institutions.

The full report is also available for download as a pdf from the 'IOSEA Meetings' section of the website.


In the interest of making French language information on important turtle work more accessible, in this month’s Profile we present an English translation of a recent report documenting impressive research conducted by IFREMER, the French Research Institute for Exploration of the Sea.

We welcome three new national Focal Points to the IOSEA family: Dr S.K. Khanduri (India), Dr. Novianto Bambang Wawandono (Indonesia), and Prof. Félicitée Rejo-Fienena (Madagascar). Their full contact details can be found in the Membership section of the website. Coincidentally, all three countries, together with the United Arab Emirates, serve also as IOSEA sub-regional Focal Points. The Secretariat hopes to organise the first conference call of all four subregional Focal Points and the Advisory Committee Chair within the next two weeks.

As noted above, in May the Secretariat distributed the Report of the Sixth Meeting of IOSEA Signatory States to a defined mailing list and also posted a full PDF version online. If the report has not reached you by post, and you still wish to receive a copy, please contact us.

The Secretariat also circulated a request to all IOSEA Focal Points, seeking hard copies or PDFs of national marine conservation plans. At least a dozen such plans are known to exist, and several more are under development. Focal Points have been asked to respond by the end of July.

The Secretariat is putting the finishing touches on the IOSEA Site Network Evaluation Criteria and Information Sheet template, following extensive consultation within the Advisory Committee and beyond. The documents should be ready for circulation to IOSEA Focal Points by mid-July, for final review/comment.

The Coordinator has been corresponding with counterparts in the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) about IOSEA involvement in a number of upcoming processes / meetings. IOTC is making plans to conduct an Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA) for sea turtles, in preparation for discussions in its Working Party on Ecosystems and Bycatch (WPEB) and Scientific Committee, which will meet in September and December, respectively. The CBD Secretariat is scheduled to hold a regional workshop on “Ecologically or Biologically Significant Marine Areas” (EBSAs), in Mauritius from 30 July to 3 August 2012, which should be highly relevant to the further development of the IOSEA Site Network.

The IOSEA Satellite Tracking Metadatabase has now passed the 1000 animal milestone, with green turtles being the most studied species in the IOSEA region, distantly followed by loggerheads, flatbacks and hawkbills. At present, turtles of all six species are being actively tracked in about a dozen countries, from Australia to United Arab Emirates.

We encourage readers to regularly consult the IOSEA Message Board, which is updated frequently with news from other organisations, information on new publications, vacancy announcements etc. Messages are retained for a few weeks before being archived to make way for new ones. Some of the current messages are shown at right.

Before closing, the Secretariat would like to express its gratitude to the Governments of South Africa and the United States, which have both contributed to the IOSEA Trust Fund in recent weeks. We have been advised that further pledges from France, India, Thailand and United Kingdom are currently being processed.

Last, but not least, the Headlines for the month of May, which included celebration of "World Sea Turtle Day". They feature a fascinating potpourri of articles from no less than a dozen countries scattered across the IOSEA region– on topics ranging from turtle rescues and releases, to good (and not so good) news about marine reserves and coral bleaching. Enjoy!

MONTHLY ROUND-UP: What you may have missed in June
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Over 1,000 to watch Dubai’s ‘biggest ever’ turtle release 30 Jun

Australia: Hatchling turtles trapped on beach 29 Jun

UNESCO passes Barrier Reef care measures 29 Jun

Australia: Green turtle deaths puzzle experts 29 Jun

Scientists baffled as Townsville turtle deaths rise to 73 29 Jun

Pollutants could pose health risks for five sea turtle species 28 Jun

India: NGOs want plan for better turtle management 27 Jun

Two hawksbill turtles returned to sea 27 Jun

Kenya sea turtle project teaches conservation 27 Jun

Jumeirah invites public to watch annual summer turtle release 26 Jun

Adeus turtles: Navymen free flippered visitors 25 Jun

Australia: Mystery turtle deaths stump scientists 25 Jun

India: Olive Ridleys skipping TN coast 23 Jun

India: Turtle at Morjim gets new lease of life 21 Jun

Australia: Can coral adapt to warming oceans 21 Jun

Boxing title fight to raise funds for Phuket sea turtle research 21 Jun

India: Incessant rains drive injured turtles to the shore 21 Jun

Philippines: Sea turtles rescued in southern Palawan 21 Jun

Queensland to outlaw dugong-hunt cruelty 20 Jun

Rio+20: Maldives to create world's biggest marine reserve 20 Jun

India: ‘Hawksbill’ at Mandrem delights turtle lovers 19 Jun

Fiji: Turtle Project set to launch 19 Jun

Odisha to offer PDS doles to affected fishermen 19 Jun

Turtles turned away as Cairns rehabilitation centre in crisis 18 Jun

First map of floating plastics to help save baby turtles 18 Jun

Viet Nam: Phu Quoc coral starts to bleach 18 Jun

Malaysia: Many come together to save turtles 17 Jun

Ready, steady, go...Omani turtles lead the Gulf race 16 Jun

Malaysia: Protecting sea turtles 15 Jun

Australia unveils national marine park plan 14 Jun

Australia: Fishing groups outraged at new marine parks 14 Jun

Yas Marina partners with Marine Turtle Conservation Project 14 Jun

Malaysia: Total fun on World Sea Turtle Day 13 Jun

Indonesia: Hotel supports sea turtle conservation 13 Jun

The Great Gulf Turtle Race 2012 commenced at Jumeirah 12 Jun

Turtle season ends with release of 10,000 hatchlings 10 Jun

Indonesia’s Balikpapan coral reefs see 90% destruction 10 Jun

Bleaching brought by El Niño threatens PH coral reefs 10 Jun

Sea Turtle Day celebrations to be held across three states 10 Jun

Ministry hails WWF’s guidelines for sustainable fisheries 10 Jun

Unexploded WWII bombs buried where turtles nest 7 Jun

Great Barrier Reef haded for World Heritage in Danger list 7 Jun

India: Turtle helps save its namesake species 6 Jun

UAE: Turtles set to do battle 6 Jun

Philippines: Government pressed to do more to save remaining corals 5 Jun

Task force confirms ‘pawikan’ meat trade in Pasil market 3 Jun

Australia: Turtle to help measure Yasi’s impact 1 Jun

DENR-7 creates regional task force pawikan 1 Jun


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