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Eritrean Minister leads island beach clean-up campaign

Minister for the Ministry of Tourism and Regional Administrator for the Northern Red Sea RegionThe Minister of Tourism, H.E. Mrs. Askalu Menkorios, has urged authorities to conduct regular cleaning campaigns at the beaches of Sheik Said, the closest island to the Port City of Massawa.

She was addressing more than 70 volunteers who enthusiastically took part in a successful turtle nesting beach clean-up held on the site of the first proposed Eritrean marine protected area. The island also happens to be highly frequented by tourists. The initiative aims to raise awareness amongst several government agencies of the plight of marine turtles and to inform them on how they can contribute to marine resource conservation. More »

Sea turtles tagged in Sri Lanka, Oman and Yemen recovered in Djibouti

Tagged green sea turtle. Source: Report on the conservation status of marine turtles in MozambiqueThis article concerns a number of old, but interesting tag recoveries from the Republic of Djibouti, located in east Africa at the juncture of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

With a coastline approximately 370 km long, Djibouti's northern coast between the border of Eritrea and Ras Bir faces the narrow Strait of Bab-al-Mandab. The remainder lies along the Gulf of Tadjoura between Obock in the north and the mainland of Djibouti to the south. More »

Maldives becomes the 31st Signatory to the IOSEA MoU

Douglas Hykle, Co-ordinator of the IOSEA MoU Secretariat and  Dr. Mohamed Shiham Adam, Director General of the Marine Research CentreThe Secretariat is pleased to announce that on 26 April 2010, Dr. Mohamed Shiham Adam, Director General of the Marine Research Centre, signed the IOSEA Marine Turtle Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of the Government of Maldives, as authorised by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E. Ahmed Shaheed. The signing took place during the 30th Annual Symposium on Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation held in Goa, India.

The IOSEA Secretariat has already had discussions with Marine Research Centre staff about the possible provision of technical and other support to complement ongoing efforts of the Government. A number of resort islands have also been actively involved in sea turtle conservation for many years. More »


Just a few words from the Secretariat this month, as we find ourselves in the midst of a busy period for IOSEA and CMS mission travel.

First of all, for those of you who followed the tragic events in Bangkok last month we are happy to report that, at least for now, a sense of normal life has returned to the city. However, the physical aftermath of what happened is still plainly visible and the deeper social and political divisions will take a much longer time to resolve. The United Nations office in Bangkok has continued to function with a remarkable degree of normality, through the widespread curfew (now lifted) and ongoing state of emergency. We hope that external confidence in Thailand will be restored in due course, so that the country will once again be an attractive place for foriegn tourists and international meetings.

We are still experiencing some technical problems with the Online Reporting System, which we hope are close to being ironed out. Thanks for your continued patience.

Next month, we should have more to report on in relation to a couple of workshops taking place in June on the important topic of fisheries bycatch, as well as developments concerning the IOSEA Site Network proposal. Also, there are quite a number of interesting satellite tracking projects to report on.

For the time being, we hope you enjoy reading about a very special place for Hawksbill turtles in Malaysia, thanks to the Profile of the Month contributed by Min Min Lau of WWF-Malaysia.

MONTHLY ROUND-UP: What you may have missed in May
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Scrap POSCO project, says Orissa’s fact-finding team 31 May

Foreign dignitaries give permits to hunt protected animals 28 May

Singapore: Tracking turtles as they go home 26 May

Mai Khao Marine Turtle Mini Marathon 2010 25 May

Malaysia: Award for director 23 May

Odisha committed to conservation of biodiversity 23 May

UAE: The Gulf celebrates ‘World Turtle Day’ 23 May

Australia: World Turtle Day marked in sand 23 May

Australia: Matilda swims free again 21 May

Singapore receives 13 Hawksbill turtles 21 May

Rare leatherback sea turtle rescued in Zamboanga 20 May

WWF-P Wetland Centre’s website launched 20 May

Danish Supported Campaign: “Don’t Buy Trouble” 19 May

Indonesian police seize 71 giant turtles in Bali 19 May

Mai Khao Turtle Mini Marathon is back on 23rd May 18 May

Malaysia: Volunteers the saviours of turtle 18 May

DOT-XI pushes turtle plan for ComVal beach resort 18 May

Environmentalists cheer for scrapping of power project 18 May

Rare species of Olive Ridley turtles in danger 17 May

Emotional farewell to turtles as they return to sea 16 May

India: Turtle nests endanger L&T project in Orissa 16 May

Turtles released after three years of recovery 14 May

Australia: Turtle eggs get special handling 14 May

Australia: Loggerhead turtle egg rescue 14 May

DoT urges implementation of turtle conservation plan 14 May

Endangered green turtles released into sea off Pratas 14 May

For children protecting Olive Ridley turtles is all fun 13 May

Australia: Loggerhead turtles released to sea 12 May

Oil spill spoils thousands of turtle eggs: Activists 11 May

Australia: Rio Tinto closer to another Pilbara port 10 May

Sick turtle released with clean bill of health 10 May

Olive Ridley turtles visit Orissa beach twice this year 9 May

UAE: Hyatt pledges to protect turtles 8 May

Thailand: Andaman Sea coral reefs hit by bleaching 8 May

Kuwait attends Goa turtle meet 7 May

World needs ‘bailout plan’ to protect endangered species 6 May

Qatar’s marine turtles 5 May

Sea turtle conservation and shrimp imports 4 May

India: Mass hatching of Olive Ridley eggs begins 3 May

Sixteen Biosphere Reserves designated in India 3 May


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