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Proceedings of French marine turtle symposium published

Bulletin de la Société Herpétologique de France No 139-140The Bulletin de la Société Herpétologique de France (Bulletin of the Herpetological Society of France) has published, in its issue number 139-140 of December 2011, the proceedings of the first Colloque sur les Tortues marines en France métropolitaine et d'outre-mer (Symposium on Marine Turtles in metropolitan France and overseas departments): Bull. Soc. Herp. Fr. (2011) 139-140.

This informative 176-page publication, written mostly in French with abstracts in English, compiles 14 presentations made during the symposium which was held in Paris from 20-22 January 2010. The symposium itself was a unique gathering of French marine turtle expertise from across the globe, and it merits repetition in a similar format in the coming years. More »

Projects in the IOSEA region receiving MTCF grants from 2005-2011

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service logoThe United States’ Marine Turtle Conservation Act of 2004 was signed into law on 2 July 2004. The act established a funding mechanism to assist in the conservation of marine turtles and their nesting habitats in foreign countries. In addition to funds appropriated by the United States’ Government, the Marine Turtle Conservation Fund – which is managed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service – has successfully leveraged additional resources for turtle conservation from an array of domestic and international partners.

From 2005-2011, the MTCF has provided grants to support projects in the Indian Ocean – South-East Asia region totaling some USD 1.98 million. This represents approximately 26% of the total MTCF funding made available for international marine turtle conservation projects in all regions. Projects in 16 countries (almost all of them IOSEA Signatory States) have benefited from the programme. Since its inception, nearly 200 grants have been allocated worldwide, including 39 in 2011. IOSEA itself has been awarded three grants to support the organisation of meetings of IOSEA Signatory States; as well as a grant towards the first phase of the IOSEA Technical Support and Capacity Building Programme.  More »


Lots of interesting reading this month, beginning with a profile of the valuable marine turtle conservation work being conducted in Tanzania by the NGO Sea Sense. The Message Board contains updates on activities carried out by other partners scattered across the region.

We encourage readers to have a look at the compilation of projects in the IOSEA region that have been supported by the United States’ Marine Turtle Conservation Fund from 2005-2011. The next deadline for submission of proposals is 1 October 2012.

As always, lots more turtle news can be found in the monthly round-up of News Headlines, below.

MONTHLY ROUND-UP: What you may have missed in May
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NGO launches Sabah branch to conserve reefs 31 May

Fishermen successfully revive coral reefs in Bali 31 May

Sri Lanka: One ocean - many worlds of life 30 May

Australia: Green turtle ‘man drought’ worries scientists 30 May

Vast coastal erosion threatens Bali shorelines 29 May

Ridley nesting grounds turn turtle in State 29 May

Olive Ridley turtles find their home on Kuta beach 28 May

Oceanworld Manly turtle bright as a Button 24 May

China: Smuggling hawksbill turtle found at Sanya Railway Station 24 May

Turtle hatchlings face climate challenge 24 May

Indonesia: Hatching sites set on Kuta beach 23 May

Australia: Satellites to follow Jodie the turtle 23 May

Australia: Hawksbill turtles sent back to sea 22 May

Gujarat takes lead in biodiversity 22 May

Australia: Turtles deserve love and attention 21 May

Philippines goes after sea turtle restaurants 21 May

Rescued turtle goes back to sea 20 May

Deutsche Bank’s Middle East partners with EWS-WWF 20 May

Oman: New turtle nesting drive launched 20 May

‘Pawikan’ meat sold in Cebu barangay 20 May

Traditional owners celebrate turtle release 18 May

Australia: Health check for Moreton Bay turtles 17 May

Hawaii sea turtles remain protected by law 17 May

Jellyfish key to Pacific leatherback turtle survival 16 May

Australia: Moreton Bay turtles recover after floods 16 May

Turtle rescuers, carers release “Motchy” at Montague 16 May

UAE: Turtle nesting season begins on Saadiyat island 16 May

Sea turtle conservation boosted by new research 16 May

India: Taking a strand 13 May

Hundreds of UAE residents watch as turtles released into sea 11 May

Fiji: What seafood to avoid 9 May

Hawaiian sea turtles may be removed from endangered list 9 May

Malaysia: Turtle sanctuary at Chagar Hutang 8 May

Hope remains in conserving Malaysia’s three turtle species 8 May

Pacific Islander wins award for turtle conservation 7 May

Baby olive ridley turtles making a beeline towards sea 7 May

India: Rains upset crocodile and turtle nestings 6 May

Brunei: Korean students visit turtle conservation centre 5 May

Sea turtles tracked while swimming to cooler waters 1 May


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