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New SEAFDEC publication documents turtles captured in Philippine waters

The SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department, based in Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines, has recently released an 83-page publication that documents the fate of nearly 100 turtles accidentally caught in fishing gear in nearby waters between 2000 and 2009 -- many of which were successfully rehabilitated and released back to the sea.

The publication, which is aptly titled "The Pawikan Album", contains hundreds of photographs which portray the large number of local fishermen, children and other community members who may have been converted to lifelong turtle conservationists as a result of their positive, personal interaction with turtles. More »

Monitoring, tagging and conservation of marine turtles in Mozambique 2009/10

Marcos Pereira, Director General of the Association for Coastal and Marine Research (Associacao para Investigacao Costeira e Marinha - AICM) has kindly
shared the Mozambique Marine Turtle Monitoring, Tagging and Conservation Report for 2009/10.

A total of 933 marine turtle nests were reported for the 2009/10 season. About 77% of these nests were reported from the area between Ponta do Ouro and Inhaca Island and about 16% from Vamizi and Rongui islands. These two areas proved once more to be very important marine turtle nesting grounds in Mozambique. More »


While much of the conservation world was in Nagoya the last couple of weeks, trying to save the planet's biodiversity, the IOSEA Secretariat was attending to marine turtle conservation issues further afield.  The Coordinator, Douglas Hykle, attended the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission's  Working Party on Ecosystems and Bycatch. The WPEB is attempting to promote actions that will reduce bycatch of sharks, seabirds and marine turtles in tuna fisheries.  IOSEA is one of only a few voices championing the cause of turtles in the IOTC forum.  A short report on the meeting will be posted on the website shortly.

From there, the Coordinator travelled to Tehran at the invitation of the Regional Organization for the Protection of the Marine Environment (ROPME), which is seeking to coordinate work on marine turtles in the so-called ROPME Sea Area.  This includes the coastal States of Bahrain, Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar,
Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.  He was joined by Dr Jeff Miller, member of the IOSEA Advisory Committee.  Together they made a series of recommendations to ROPME and its member States aimed at strengthening regional conservation efforts.  A more detailed report on the meeting will be prepared soon.

Plans for IOSEA-sponsored workshops in Mozambique and Madagascar are taking shape.  We hope to be able to offer at least a preliminary report in the next e-News on the training session that will be conducted by Dr. Mark Hamann in Mozambique at the end of November.  It seems likely that the national workshop for Madagascar will slip into the new year.

Here's a brief update on the eight hawksbill turtles satellite-tracked from Singapore, as reported on the IOSEA website on 1 September.  Only two of the transmitters that were deployed are still transmitting: one in Singapore waters close to the point of release and another off of Sarawak, Malaysia.  Thanks to some determined sleuthing by an Indonesian couple, Catharine Winata and her husband, two of the transmitters were recovered from animals that met their end in nearby Indonesia.   Hopefully the organizers of the release will make the most of the opportunity to raise public awareness and document lessons-learned for future projects.

Last, but definitely not least: the IOSEA Secretariat will be getting some much needed support this month, albeit temporarily. Stella Reschke, a colleague from CMS-Bonn, will be volunteering her services for a few weeks in November. And later in the month a Korean intern is expected to join the Secretariat for a six-month part-time internship that will be shared with Coordinating Body for the East Asia Seas Action Plan (COBSEA).

As usual, there are lots of interesting Headlines from October for you to enjoy, from across the IOSEA region.  Happy reading!

MONTHLY ROUND-UP: What you may have missed in October
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India: Reef rip-off in Andaman 31 Oct

Britain sets up the world’s largest marine reserve 31 Oct

Australia: Nesting turtle mauled by dogs 30 Oct

India: Call to delete ‘roads on stilts’ option from CRZ 29 Oct

Pacific island fisheries face collapse in 25 years – study 28 Oct

South Africa: ‘Free Willy’ day for 19 turtles 28 Oct

Orissa sets up camps to protect nesting turtles 27 Oct

Dubai Ladies Club launches “Al Murjan” Coral Reef Project 26 Oct

Australia: Joggers get running for loggers 25 Oct

Gulftainer commits to Marine Conservation 25 Oct

Kuwait: Pollution, heat, oil slicks cause death of corals reefs 25 Oct

Malaysia: Turtles watch on island sanctuary 24 Oct

India: Corals on decline in Gulf of Mannar 24 Oct

Malaysia: 2 turtles saved from the pot 22 Oct

India: POSCO used fraud to get clearance: NGO 22 Oct

Ban in fishing activities in Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary 22 Oct

Environmental pressures on the Western Indian Ocean 21 Oct

Australia: Turtle nesting season starts early 21 Oct

India: Corporates turn green crusaders 21 Oct

Church bells herald the arrival of first nesting turtle 20 Oct

Coral death strikes at SE Asia 19 Oct

Minister joins marine scientists for Moreton Bay turtle checks 19 Oct

Taiwan: Kenting coral bleaching recedes 19 Oct

Marine ecosystems at risk from pollution, climate-UN 19 Oct

UN meeting aims to set species-saving goals 18 Oct

Mozambique: Turtle Season 2010/11 18 Oct

Australia: 1080 baiting program helps turtles 15 Oct

Ship runs aground in Lakshadweep: Coral islands in peril? 15 Oct

Living Planet: The world is not enough 14 Oct

India: Project may spell doom to birds 14 Oct

India: Gopalpur port to be closed for 2 years 13 Oct

Malaysia: Beach clean-up nets 1,128kg of rubbish 13 Oct

Malaysia serious on Coral Initiative success 13 Oct

US scientist says overfishing, dynamite use spoiling the sea 10 Oct

New Zealand: Sudden end to fight to save ailing turtle 9 Oct

Australia: Turtles feature in Bundy campaign 9 Oct

New Zealand: Recovering turtle takes to warm water 8 Oct

Australia: Climate change affects turtles 8 Oct

Malaysia: Agency seizes sea turtle carcasses from vessel 7 Oct

Bangladesh: Turtles breed in off-season 6 Oct

Australia: Beachcombers tackle rubbish mother lode 5 Oct

Banyan Tree Bintan hotel released sea turtle hatchlings 5 Oct

India: Conservation of wildlife stressed 5 Oct

Madagascar: Tortues en danger 5 Oct

Fishermen in Bato barangay catch 5 sea turtles in 9 days 4 Oct

Australia: Turtles fight for lives 3 Oct

Lost turtle may have been caught in wrong current 1 Oct

Wildlife centre fights to save life of rescued turtle 1 Oct

Phuket Tragedy: Tourists, trawlers, but no turtles 1 Oct


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