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Green turtle nesting on Réunion Island beach News from Kélonia, Réunion Island

Kélonia, the sea turtle observatory on Réunion Island in the Southwest Indian Ocean, reports on two important events that took place at the end of August.

One was the visit of Dr. George Hughes and Jeff Gaisford from South Africa, and another one was the emergence of the first hatchings on Kélonia beach. The latter gives hope that Réunion Island - which was once an important nesting site for green turtles - might again welcome these creatures to its shores. More »

WWF - Darwin workshop participants - Turtles take centre-stage in Darwin, Australia

A small regional marine turtle workshop was held in the northern Australian city of Darwin from 17-20 September. The gathering, organised by WWF-Australia, brought together participants from different parts of Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Solomon Islands.

The meeting’s limited geographic scope and participants’ willingness to exchange fairly detailed information worked in its favour
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The big news this month is that the Secretariat's capacity increased by 100% in September with the long-awaited arrival of a "Team Assistant". The entry on duty of Ms. Patcharin Supitchakul could not have come a day too soon. With a solid background in Management Information Systems and computer technology, Khun Gung (her nickname in Thai) has already proven herself to be adept at mastering the IOSEA website.

The proposed official launch of the Online Reporting Facility had a little set-back in September, as a few bugs were found that still need some attention from our consultant programmer "wiz", David Jiles. Also, work is continuing on a Powerpoint tutorial that will introduce the system's incredible power to assemble information from different sources. The Facility is already fully operational for Internet Explorer users - so check it out at Do read the help screens to get the most out of the system.

With help from the Advisory Committee and Dr Ronel Nel, efforts are continuing to have the Western Indian Ocean - IOSEA Marine Turtle Task Force formally established in cooperation with the Nairobi Convention in early November. Plans are afoot to organise a sub-regional workshop in East Africa before the end of the year, in collaboration with WWF.

The final touches are being put on an awareness-raising IOSEA DVD that the Secretariat is producing in a joint venture with Scubazoo. The DVD will be widely distributed to IOSEA partners as soon as it's ready. Watch this space.

Last but not least, on 24 September, the Secretariat received a visit from the IOSEA Focal Point for Iran, Mr. Asghar Mobaraki, who was in Thailand on crocodile-related business. Discussions centred on collaboration with other agencies working on turtles within Iran, cooperation with neighbouring countries, as well as plans to build capacity for genetic sampling and analysis. Asghar also took advantage of the opportunity to try out the Online Reporting Facility first-hand, and to update the data for a few Iranian sites. He was clearly impressed with the capability of the system, as well as the ease of data entry.

MONTHLY ROUND-UP: What you may have missed in September

Second Take: The New York Times
(28 Sept)

Wildlife expert under fire over gas plant comments (28 Sept)

Growing artificial reefs to heal natural ones (26 Sept)

Sustaining beauty in Mauritius (25 Sept)

Project battles to save Indonesia's turtles (24 Sept)

Nature, sport and money collide on quiet beach (24 Sept )

Philippine coral reefs in bad shape (24 Sept)

Philippines: Turtle Island about to be destroyed (24 Sept)

Morton Bay: Battle on the water front (22 Sept)

Saving Thailand's turtles (22 Sept)

Da Nang protects coral reefs, sea ecosystem (21 Sept)

CENRO releases giant rare sea turtle (21 Sept )

Biologists close in on mystery of sea turtles (19 Sept )

Coral reefs face fresh threats from development (18 Sept)

DENR Secretary declares war on poachers (18 Sept)

Five coral reef zones in S. Maluku badly damaged (17 Sept)

Canal project may disturb endangered turtles (17 Sept)

Fijian tradition versus conservation (17 Sept)

Turtle slaughter exposes toothless ban (14 Sept)

Kenya: Young turtles released to the sea (14 Sept )

Cleanup offers hope for marine life (14 Sept )

Campbell’s casino may put rare turtles in the soup (13 Sept)

Fiji's Methodists slaughter endangered turtles (13 Sept)

Fiji: Turtles and a moratorium (13 Sept )

Philippines: Minantao Reef needs help (13 Sept)

Phuket seeks ways to conserve coral reefs (13 Sept)

Chevron Dives into Indonesia's Coral Triangle (12 Sept)

Green group seeks earlier turtle protection (12 Sept)

Bid to gazette turtle nesting area on isle (12 Sept)

Acid from greenhouse gases ravages marine life (12 Sept)

Indian campaign to save Olive Ridley turtle (11 Sept)

Fiji church mum on turtle slaughter (11 Sept)

Dead turtles spark warning (10 Sept)

PERSGA Supports Annual Red Sea Cleanup (8 Sept)

Queensland turtle to be tracked by satellite (7 Sept )

Plea for action to save forgotten victims of trade (7 Sept )

US review finds sea turtles still endangered (6 Sept)

Poaching of turtles in wildlife sanctuary assailed (6 Sept)

Warmer seas to stress Great Barrier reef coral (6 Sept)

Indonesia's coral reef damaged (4 Sept)

Drive to protect Bahrain's marine turtles (4 Sept)

Australia: Turtles at loggerheads with extinction (3 Sept)

Mining company digs deep for reefs plan (3 Sept)


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Undeveloped Eggs
Conservation status of Leatherback turtles in Myanmar

Myanmar's Department of Fisheries shares information about the increasingly rare occurrence of Leatherback turtles in its waters, as well as turtle conservation issues in general.


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