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2113 Evidence for Geomagnetic Imprinting and Magnetic Navigation in the Natal Homing of Sea Turtles  Brothers, J. R., Lohmann, K. J.  2015 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS: Loggerhead turtle, Natal homing, behavior, migration, Caretta caretta, natal area, Earth’s magnetic field changes, geomagnetic imprinting, Florida, nesting density. 

2069 On the Trail: Information and analysis bulletin on animal poaching and smuggling. n°4  Robin des Bois  2014 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS: Poaching, smuggling, wildlife crime, marine turtle trade 

2073 On the Trail: Information and analysis bulletin on animal poaching and smuggling. n°5 / 1st April - 30thJune 2014  Robin des Bois  2014 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS:  

2104 Fungal Colonization of Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas) Nests is Unlikely to Affect Hatchling Condition  Andrea D. Phillott, C. John Parmenter  2014 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS: Chelonia mydas, egg, embryo, fungal invasion, Green Turtle 

2105 Seagrasses in the age of sea turtle conservation and shark overfishing  Heithaus Michael R, Alcoverro Teresa, Arthur Rohan, Burkholder Derek A., Coates Kathryn A., Christianen Marjolijn J. A., Kelkar Nachiket, Manuel Sarah A., Wirsing Aaron J., Kenworthy W. Judson, Fourqurean James W.  2014 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS: overgrazing, top-down control, conservation, marine protected areas, sharks, marine turtles, Australia, Indonesia, India 

2106 Models of primary sex ratios at a major flatback turtle rookery show an anomalous masculinising trend  Stubbs, J. L., Kearney, M. R., Whiting, S. D., Mitchell, N. J.  2014 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS: Temperature-dependent sex determination, Thermosensitive period, Flatback turtle, Natator depressus, Sex ratio, Sand temperature, Climate change, Cape Domett, Western Australia 

2107 High mortality of Olive Ridley Turtles (Lepidochelys olivacea) in ghost nets in the central Indian Ocean  Stelfox, M.R., Hudgins, J.A., Ali, K., Anderson, R.C.  2014 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS: Ghost nets, Indian Ocean, Olive Ridley, Lepidochelys olivacea, Maldives, fishing nets, Fish Aggregating Devices, fisheries management 

2109 The accuracy of Fastloc-GPS locations and implications for animal tracking  Dujon, A. M., Lindstrom, R. T., Hays, G. C.  2014 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS: Green turtle, satellite telemetry, animal tags, sensitivity analysis, positioning error, Fastloc-GPS, Indian Ocean, Chelonia mydas 

2112 Plastic Pollution in the World's Oceans: More than 5 Trillion Plastic Pieces Weighing over 250, 000 Tons Afloat at Sea  Eriksen, M, Lebreton, L. C. M, Carson, H. S. Thiel, M., Moore, C. J., Borerro, J. C., Galgani, F., Ryan, P. G., Reisser, J.  2014 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS: Plastic pollution, marine environment, floating plastics, Southern Hemisphere, expeditions, costal Australia, Bay of Bengal, plastic debris, oceanographic model. 

2035 Habitat collapse due to overgrazing threatens turtle conservation in marine protected areas  Christianen MJA, Herman PMJ, Bouma TJ, Lamers LPM, van Katwijk MM, van der Heide T, Mumby PJ, Silliman BR, Engelhard SL, van de Kerk M, Kiswara W, van de Koppel J  2014 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS: marine reserves, plant–herbivore interactions, alternate stable states, green turtles, Chelonia mydas, Marine Protected Area, MPA, Indonesia, Malaysia 

2037 Global patterns of marine mammal, seabird, and sea turtle bycatch reveal taxa-specific and cumulative megafauna hotspots  Lewison R, Crowder LB, Wallace BP, Moore JE, Cox T, Zydelis R, McDonald S, DiMatteo A, Dunni DC, Kot CY, Bjorkland R, Kelez S, Soykan C, Stewart KR, Sims M, Boustany A, Read AJ, Halpin P, Nichols WJ, Safina C  2014
3 MB
Expand KEYWORDS: fisheries bycatch, trophic downgrading, longlines, gillnets, trawls, sea turtle 

2038 Short-term behavioural responses to thermal stress by hawksbill turtles in the Arabian region  Pilcher NJ, Perry L, Antonopoulou M, Abdel-Moati MA, Al Abdessalaam TZ, Albeldawi M, Al Ansif M, Al-Mohannadi SF, Baldwin R, Chikhi A, Das HS, Hamza S, Kerr OJ, Al Kiyumi A, Mobaraki A, Al Suwaidik HS, Al Suweidi AS, Sawaf M, Tourenq C, Williams, Willson  2014 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS: Hawksbill turtles, Eretmochelys imbricata, Climate change, Thermoregulatory behaviour, Persian/Arabian Gulf, Thermal stress 

2039 Ingestion and defecation of marine debris by loggerhead sea turtles, Caretta caretta, from by-catches in the South-West Indian Ocean  Hoaraua L., Ainley L., Jean C., Ciccione S.  2014 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS: Loggerhead sea turtles, Caretta caretta, Anthropogenic debris, Ingestion, Defecation, South-West Indian Ocean 

2040 Satellite Tracking of Sympatric Marine Megafauna Can Inform the Biological Basis for Species Co-Management  Gredzens C., Marsh H., Fuentes M. M. P. B., Limpus C. J., Shimada T., Hamann M.  2014 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS: Green turtles, Chelonia mydas, satellite tracking, foraging habitats, management, conservation planning, Queensland 

2052 Movement and diving behavior of late juvenile loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) in the Western Indian Ocean  Dalleau, M., S. Benhamou, J. Sudre, S. Ciccione and J. Bourjea  2013
735 KB
Expand KEYWORDS: loggerhead, Caretta caretta, late juvenile, movement, migration, diving behavior, Indian Ocean. 

2060 The local ocean trust: Watamu turtle watch by-catch net release programme  Oman, R.  2013 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS:  

2068 Bilan de l’année 2012: 84% des tortues marines retrouvées mortes ont été braconnées  REMMAT (Réseau Echouage Mahorais de MAmmifères marins et de Tortues marines)  2013 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS:  

2070 On the Trail: Information and analysis bulletin on animal poaching and smuggling. n°3 / 1st October - 31th December 2013  Robin des Bois  2013 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS:  

2071 On the Trail: Information and analysis bulletin on animal poaching and smuggling. n°2 / 1st July – 30th September 2013  Robin des Bois  2013 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS:  

2072 On the Trail: Information and analysis bulletin on animal poaching and smuggling. n°1 / 1st April - 30th June 2013  Robin des Bois  2013 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS:  

2076 Seizures and Prosecutions: Vol. 16 No. 3 (March 1997) to Vol. 25 No. 2 (October 2013)  TRAFFIC  2013 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS: wildlife crime, marine turtle trade, TRAFFIC, prosecution, seizure, enforcement 

2081 Report on the Olive Ridley sea turtle protection programme 2012-2013  VSPCA (Visakha Society for the Protection and Care of Animals)  2013 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS:  

2082 Moz Turtles: Searching for practical solutions to sea turtle poaching in Mozambique  Williams, J.  2013 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS:  

2101 Assessment of the conservation status of the loggerhead turtle in the Indian Ocean and South-East Asia  IOSEA Marine Turtle MoU Secretariat  2013 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS: Loggerhead turtles, IOSEA region, marine turtle conservation, assessment, synthesis, nesting, foraging, migration, trends, ecological range, threats, South-west Indian Ocean management unit, North-west Indian Ocean management unit, North-east Indian Ocean management unit, North Pacific Ocean management unit, South-east Indian Ocean management unit, South Pacific Ocean management unit 

2014 Long-term decline of the western Pacific leatherback, Dermochelys coriacea: a globally important sea turtle population  Tapilatu RF, Dutton PH, Tiwari M, Wibbels T, Ferdinandus HV, Iwanggin WG, Nugroho BH  2013
639 KB
Expand KEYWORDS: Bird’s Head Peninsula, Papua Barat, Indonesia, conservation, decline, Dermochelys coriacea, leatherback sea turtle, nesting trend, western Pacific 

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