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1939 Conservation of marine megafauna requires avoiding and minimizing fisheries bycatch.  Zydelis R, Wallace B, Gilman E, Werner T  2009 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS: compensatory mitigation, elasmobranchs, fisheries bycatch, invasive predators, marine conservation, marine mammals, sea turtles, seabirds 

2182 Bringing local synthesis into governance and management systems: the Girringun TUMRA case in Northern Queensland, Australia  Zurba, M  2009 N/A
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200 Report on Watamu Turtle Watch's sea turtle bycatch release programme, Watamu, Kenya: April 1998 - May 2004  Zanre R  2005
1.3 MB
KEYWORDS: artisanal fishing, biometrics, bycatch, conservation, disease, Kenya, management, migration, mortality, tagging 

1257 Interaction of Sea Turtles with Indonesian Fisheries – Preliminary Findings  Zainudin IM, Pet-Soede L, Hitipeuw C, Adnyana W  2007 N/A

1930 Preliminary Findings of the Survey of the Nesting Beaches in Haa Alifu Atoll, Maldives  Zahir H  2000
111 KB
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1931 Status of Sea Turtles in Maldives.  Zahir H  2000
235 KB

1932 Status of leatherback turtles in Maldives  Zahir H  2006
22 KB

1212 Diversity of Malaysian aquatic ecosystems and resources.  Yusoff FM, Shariff M, Gopinath N  2006 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS:  

1929 Turtle hearing capability based on ABR signal assessment  Yudhana A, Sunardi, Din J, Abdullah S, Hassan RBR  2010
6.8 MB
Expand KEYWORDS: ABR, hearing capability, power spectral, TED 

35 An analysis of the trends in by-catch of turtle species, angelsharks and batoid species in the protective gillnets off KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. MSc. Thesis, University of Reading  Young N  2001
4.4 MB
KEYWORDS: bycatch, gill net, incidental capture, South Africa, threats 

1928 Analysis of the behavior of sea turtles by using data loggers  Yoshida M, Sakamoto W, Arai N, Masuda H  2001
2 MB
Expand KEYWORDS:  

2200 Fisher profiles and perceptions of sea turtle-fishery interactions: case study of East Coast Peninsular Malaysia  Yeo B.H., Squires D, Ibrahim K, Gjertsen H, Syed Mohd Kamil S.K, Zulkifli R, Groves T, Hong M.C and Tan C.H  2007 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS:  

2030 Seasonal changes in reproductive output of a year-round nesting population of the green turtle Chelonia mydas at Huyong Island, Thailand  Yasuda, T., Kittiwattanawong, K., Klom-in, W., Arai, N.  2008 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS: Green turtle (Chelonia mydas), Seasonal Reproduction, Seasonality, Sea turtles, Reproductive output, Year-round, Nesting. 

1213 Do female green turtles (Chelonia mydas) exhibit reproductive seasonality in a year-round nesting rookery?  Yasuda T, Tanaka H, Kittiwattanawong K, Mitamura H, Klom-in W, Arai N  2006 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS:  

1927 Research on mitigation of the interaction of sea turtle with pelagic longline fishery in the western North Pacific  Yasuda T, Minami H, Nobetsu T  2006
154 KB
Expand KEYWORDS: bycatch, circle hook, longline fishery, mitigation measure, sea turtle 

1925 Vertical distribution of water temperature around female green turtles during the internesting period  Yasuda T, Kittiwattanawong K, Klom-In W, Arai N  2006
93 KB
Expand KEYWORDS: green turtles, Chelonia mydas, water temperature, diving behavior, internesting 

1926 Seasonal nesting of green turtles at Huyong Island, Thailand  Yasuda T, Kittiwattanawong K, Klom-In W, Arai N  2005
181 KB
Expand KEYWORDS: green turtles, Huyong Island, year-round nesting, seasonality, reproductive output, migration, diving behavior, seasonal difference 

1924 Reconstruction of three-dimensional moving paths of green turtles by means of magneto resistive data loggers  Yasuda T, Arai N, Tanaka H, Kittiwattanawong K, Sakamoto W, Masuda H, Klom-In W  2003
1.3 MB
Expand KEYWORDS:  

1923 A female green turtle at Huyong Island rests at the drop off  Yasuda T, Arai N, Kittiwattanawong K, Klom-In W  2004
182 KB
Expand KEYWORDS:  

1922 International conservation and management of straddling stocks including sea turtles  Yasuda T, Arai N  2002
828 KB
Expand KEYWORDS:  

1921 Depth utilization and swimming speed of female green turtles at Huyong Island, Thailand  Yasuda T  2009
310 KB
Expand KEYWORDS: green turtles, data logger, internesting interval, depth, swimming speed 

2125 Report on the Olive Ridley sea turtle protection programme  Yashaswi MP  2012 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS: Olive ridley sea turtle, Visakha Society for the protection and care of animals (VSPCA), pollution, deterioration of our environment, shrimp trawl fishery, entanglement. 

777 Conservation perspectives, problems and priorities of Indian marine turtles  Yadav MR  2002 N/A
Expand KEYWORDS: conservation, habitat, degration, mortality, predation, exploitation, trade, TED, patrolling, enforcement, awareness, education 

1561 The conservation of the leathery turtle, Dermocheles coriacea  Wyatt-Smith J  1960 N/A

97 Progress for marine turtles in the Indian Ocean. WWF Monthly Report, March  WWF  1972
110 KB
KEYWORDS: conservation, France, Iles Eparses, legislation, Mauritius, Reunion, South Africa, Western Indian Ocean 

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