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Marine Turtle Newsletter The Marine Turtle Newsletter (MTN) is distributed quarterly, in English and Spanish, to more than 2200 recipients in over 100 nations world-wide. The MTN is also available in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF).

Indian Ocean Turtle Newsletter The Indian Ocean Turtle Newsletter was initiated to provide a forum for exchange of information on sea turtle biology and conservation, management and education and awareness activities in the Indian subcontinent, Indian Ocean region and South/Southeast Asia.

Marine Turtle Recovery Newsletter The Australian Government, on behalf of the National Turtle Recovery Group, produces this newsletter to provide an informative update on Australian and international conservation efforts and research on marine turtles.

Maritime Studies (MAST) Journal MAST is a biannual, international journal on maritime issues with a social scientific focus.

The double issue of MAST 2005, Volume 3, No. 2 and Volume 4, No. 1 focuses on Marine Turtles as Flagships.

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