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Please scroll down to view range of educational materials, including marine turtle identification key, colouring sheets, turtle puzzles, childrens books, posters & booklets.

* Colouring Sheets and Turtle Puzzles were kindly donated by Department of Environment & Natural Resources (Philippines).  They are suitable for primary school aged children. Please click on the PDF image to download. 



"Illegal trade and take of marine turtles in the Indian Ocean South East Asia region". c/o WWF and IOSEA

Illegal trade and take of marine turtles in the Indian Ocean South East Asia region. c/o WWF and IOSEA

A 4-page Fact sheet summarizing the findings of the 2014 IOSEA synthesis paper

English version


(1.4 MB)

"Marine Turtle Conservation Project" c/oEWS-WWF (Arabian Gulf)

EWS-WWF Marine Turtle Conservation Project


A one-page infographic summarizing the scientific findings of the region-wide 'Marine Turtle Conservation Project', led by EWS-WWF from 2010 to 2014, available in English and in Arabic.

English version


(2.3 MB)

Arabic version


(2.2 MB)

"Ghosts of the Indian Ocean" c/o Olive Ridley Project (Maldives)

A 2-page educational brochure showcasing the problem of entanglement of marine turtles in discared ('ghost') nets in the Indian Ocean.


English version


(1.7 MB)


Dhivehi version

(1.7 MB)




'Threats of Ghost Fishing' c/o Olive Ridley Project (Maldives)

A short animation highlighting the effects of ghost gear on sea turtles in the Indian Ocean.

Produced by the Olive Ridley Project, in collaboration with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and funded by Global Blue.

TRAILER: 'The sea turtles of Lamu' c/o D. David Morin (Kenya)

The story of Odo, a former poacher who is now single-singlehandedly saving sea turtles on the remote Manda Island off the coast of Kenya in the Lamu archipelago. He and his brother are helping the turtles overcome the odds of 1 in a 1000 to survive. Besides poachers, sharks, birds, ghost crabs, and even plastic bags they eat as jellyfish, the newest threat is the biggest and may be insurmountable...the new sea port in Lamu. An oil pipeline through Kenya will make Lamu the biggest port in Africa. The turtles may have met their match.

Produced by Slingshot Productions Africa.


Marine Turtle Identification Key  c/o Kélonia and Ifremer (Réunion)
Sea Turtle Identicication Key

English version


(1.2 MB)


French version

(1.5 MB)


 Illustrations: Dawn Witherington


Colouring Sheets

Flatback Turtle




Green Turtle



Hawksbill Turtle



(111 KB)

Leatherback Turtle



Flatback Turtle



Olive Ridley Turtle


(77 KB)



Turtle Puzzles



Dot - to -dot



Cross word



(147 KB)

Word puzzle



Cheat Sheet 





Turtle Activity Workbook

'Nature Scope India: Turtles in Trouble'  by Centre for Environmental Education (CEE) 


Educational resource book for teachers. Includes background information, activities for the classroom & advice on how to run activity. Suitable for ages 8-14.



Children's Book (please also see a selection from June 24, on this link)
Salty the sea turtle

Salty the Sea Turtle

by Claire Lawrence, 2014

From the magical moment of her hatching, follow Salty the Sea Turtle as she begins her journey. This lyrical tale captures what Salty discovers as she grows from a tiny baby turtle to an adult. The life cycle repeats itself when Salty returns to that very same beach where she was born.
'Barney and Barry, The Hitchhikers'

Barney and Barry, The Hitchhikers

by Sharon Powers, 2014

Humor and memorable characters are at the center of "Barney and Barry, The Hitchhikers," the first in the MySeaBuddies series of children's books from Sharon Powers. Written for children ages 7 to 10, the book follows the curious adventures of a sea turtle named Fletcher.

Le monde selon Nyamba

by Patricia Tella, 2013

L'histoire d'une petite tortue verte qui va devoir, en grandissant, affronter moult péripéties pour sa propre survie et pour finalement aller pondre à son tour, et perpétuer ainsi son espèce.

Tessa and the Fishy Mystery

United Nations Environment Programme 2004

"Tunza" means to treat with care or affection in Kiswahili. UNEP hopes to inspire caring for the Earth through creative literature that sparks the interest and awareness of children, their parents and teachers.

Turtle Story

by Kartik Shanker;  
art by Maya Ramaswamy

'Turtle Story' follows an Olive ridley hatchling who faces the dangers of the ocean. Will she survive the deadly sharks and terrible fishing nets to reach adulthood? Find out in this charming story...

A Story of 'Tanu'

Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC)

Tanu, a sea turtle from the Andaman sea, discovers the dangers of fishing and trawl nets in the open cean.  After a close call  he learns how TED's can save his family.


The following are educational booklets and posters produced by Chloe Schauble for IUCN Vietnam, WWF, TRAFFIC and MoFi. All versions are saved in PDF format in both a low resolution format for quick viewing and higher resolution for printing purposes. All resources are for non-profit educational use only.


Coral Reefs

Quick view: 218KB

For printing: 656K


Quick view: 189KB

For printing: 2MB

Marine Pollution

Quick view: 211KB

For printing: 501KB

Marine Turtles

For printing: 1.8MB


Quick view: 198KB

For printing: 1.3MB

Why Howzit is Dying

Quick view: 175KB

For printing: 423KB


Low resolution pdf 145KB

High resolution
pdf 188 KB


Low resolution pdf 390KB

High resolution
pdf 717 KB

Highest resolution pdf 207KB  

Low resolution pdf 206KB

High resolution
pdf 544 Kb


Low resolution pdf 90KB

High resolution
pdf 149 Kb



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