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Home» Feature (Archive) » 20 January 2012

Sixth Meeting of IOSEA Signatory States - ready to go! 20 Jan 2012

The IOSEA regional marine turtle meeting kicks off in Bangkok on Monday! A fabulous venue in the heart of the city has been selected for the meeting, which runs from 23 to 27 January. On the last day, participants will be treated to a visit to Koh Mannai (Island) in the Gulf of Thailand, home to a decades-long turtle conservation programme.

Delegates from nearly 30 countries from all around the Indian Ocean and South-east Asia are expected to attend the gathering -- focussed entirely on marine turtle conservation. The varied agenda will include an amazingly thorough analysis of IOSEA's performance, a review of leatherback and loggerhead species assessments, the highly anticipated endorsement of a plan to create a regional marine turtle site network, and exchange of ideas for enhancing technical support and training for member States.

Two special workshops and a number of invited presentations will round out the 4-day agenda. One workshop will try to make sense of the enormous effort that has gone into satellite tracking in and around the IOSEA region over the last two decades; while the second will look at the timely subject of climate change impacts on marine turtles and related mitigation strategies.

All of meeting documents and an 'Information Note for Participants' can be found in the Meetings Section of the website.

Meeting Schedule:

21-22 January (Saturday/Sunday): IOSEA Advisory Committee

23-26 January (Monday -Thursday): IOSEA SS6 meeting

27 January (Friday): 'Study tour’ to Koh Mannai, organised in cooperation with Thailand's Department of Marine and Coastal Resources


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