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Home » Headline (Archive) » 17 October 2012

UAE: Stranded green turtle rescued on The Palm 17 Oct 2012

By Derek Baldwin

Dubai, UAE — Discovery of stranded endangered green sea turtle weighing about 100kg on the shores of Palm Jumeirah early yesterday suggests the animal is the victim of a boat strike.

Details about the turtle were limited after Dubai Municipality officials arrived on the scene after receiving reports that the animal was in trouble.

The turtle was transferred to recovery facilities at the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project which has saved hundreds of injured turtles since its formation in 2004 in Dubai.

Warren R. Baverstock, manager of Burj Al Arab Aquarium which oversees the turtle rehabilitation project, confirmed the turtle is in the care of marine staff.

“Dubai Municipality has recovered it. All turtles recovered by the municipality automatically go to the rehabilitation project,” Baverstock told Gulf News, adding that the marine animal is undergoing close observation over the next 24 hours.

Initial examination suggests the the turtle “has been hit by a speed boat. The shell has been quite damaged. The carapace [upper shell] is covered with algae and we’re cleaning it,” Baverstock said.The turtle weighs roughly 100 kilograms, he said.

Pending the outcome of the initial treatment, the green sea turtle will be later moved to the Burj Al Arab Aquarium where monitoring and veterinary care will continue as the animal further recovers.

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Actual link: http://gulfnews.com/news/gulf/uae/environment/stranded-green-turtle-rescued-on-t

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