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Home » Headline (Archive) » 12 January 2013

Decomposed carcasses of Olive ridley drift to Rushikulya 12 Jan 2013

Decomposed carcasses of Olive ridley turtles drift to Rushikulya coast

Decomposed carcasses of Olive ridley turtles have started to drift to the Rushikulya rookery coast in Ganjam district, a major nesting area of these endangered marine species on eastern coast.

From the state of decomposition of these carcasses it was evident that the turtles had died several weeks ago far away from this coast, said Berhampur Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) S.S.Mishra.

“The bodies of Olive ridleys killed near Rushikulya rookery coast would be fresh and till now we have located carcasses of 47 of these turtles which had died natural death near this coast”, he said.

Till now around 100 such decomposed carcasses of Olive ridleys have reached this coast line. On Wednesday around 50 such carcasses had drifted to the coast near Rushikulya river mouth.

As the carcasses were decomposed, their stink has started to pollute air in the whole area. The DFO said through help of local volunteers efforts would be made to clean the beach from these decomposed carcasses.

He also added that reason behind death of these turtles would be assessed and forest officials monitoring the coast in Puri district would be alerted. It may be noted that intense patrolling and strict implementation of ban on fishing by trawlers continued in the sea near Rushikulya rookery to protect the Olive ridleys .

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