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Home » Headline (Archive) » 5 February 2013

Contraband threatens Indonesia sea turtle 5 Feb 2013

Jakarta, Indonesia — Contraband threatens the survival of sea turtles in Indonesia, habitat for six subspecies, warned the World Fund for Nature (WFN).

Near 100,000 green turtles disappear in the hands of poachers and other illegal traders, stressed the WFN report on Channel News Asia Website.

Illegal trading with Green Turtles is on the rise, especially in Célebes Island, Papua, Bali, and in Malacas, said Jatmiko Wiwoho, from the green organization Profauna.

A 1990 Law protects all six sea turtle species (Green, Carey, Lora, Laud, Baba and Flat), all on the verge of extinction.

Missing channels for law enforcement to do its job caps the difficulties to rein illegal trade yet the sanctions for the criminals is five years in jail and $10,300 USD fine, yet meat, egg and shell sales continue.

Wayan Wiradnyana, president of conservationist Marine Turtle Society, says Borneo sea turtle annual egg sales for gastronomy grow by the year and are priced at $0,040 cents the unit.

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