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Welcome to the IOSEA Marine Turtle MoU Website!

The IOSEA Marine Turtle Memorandum of Understanding is an intergovernmental agreement that aims to protect, conserve, replenish and recover marine turtles and their habitats of the Indian Ocean and South-East Asian region, working in partnership with other relevant actors and organisations.


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LATEST: 17 April 2014
Interview: Declining Pacific Leatherback turtle populations
The Pacific Leatherback turtle population is getting some much needed help. A recent study has identified times and areas of heightened bycatch risk.

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Marine turtle discussions at the 16th IOTC Scientific Committee meeting 28 Mar 2014

The IOSEA Secretariat has reported on several occasions in the past on the work of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) which, apart from being responsible for the management of tuna and tuna-like species in the Indian Ocean, takes an active interest in bycatch of non-target species including marine turtles.

The Commission receives advice from its Scientific Committee which meets annually to review the national reports of IOTC members (known as CPCs: Contracting Parties and Cooperating Non-Contracting Parties), assess the status of target and non-target species, review implementation of various measures, and make technical recommendations to the Commission.

The Sixteenth Session of the IOTC Scientific Committee (SC) was held in Busan, Republic of Korea, from 2 to 6 December 2013. The full report of the meeting is available for downloading from the newly-revised IOTC website: www.iotc.org. As a service to IOSEA readers, we summarise here the main points of the lengthy (312-page) meeting report related to marine turtles. Where appropriate, specific paragraphs of the report are referenced in parentheses. More »

Egypt and Sudan join the IOSEA family 21 Feb 2014

Flags of Egypt and SudanRepresentatives of Egypt and Sudan have signed the Indian Ocean – South-East Asian Marine Turtle Memorandum of Understanding (IOSEA), bringing to 35 the number of Signatory States to this regional agreement under the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS).

The signings took place on 17 February 2014, during the opening of a training workshop on shark conservation, organised by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) in collaboration with the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Environment and Water. More »

New working paper: Socio-economic and cultural implications of marine turtle use and conservation 13 Feb 2014

Photo: c/o Asghar MobarakiThe Secretariat has recently finalised a draft synthesis paper, partly in response to a long-standing ambition of the IOSEA Western Indian Ocean - Marine Turtle Task Force to compile information, in the form of a literature review, on social aspects of marine turtle conservation in the Western Indian Ocean.

The scope of the present paper actually extends to the whole of the IOSEA region, in keeping with a request of the Sixth Meeting of IOSEA Signatory States to prepare a compilation of socio-economic considerations of marine turtle conservation with particular reference to public participation and stakeholder engagement. More »

U.S. Officials Release Sea Turtles in China 5 Feb 2014

Official Turtle ReleaseSea Turtles 911, a non-governmental organisation based in China, has called attention to one of its recent initiatives. Officials from the United States Consulate General and the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China joined Sea Turtles 911 to release three rehabilitated sea turtles back to the South China Sea.

“Our governments must continue to work together to develop policy and programs that protect our most precious resources, businesses must play an active role in responsible development, and groups like Sea Turtles 911 must continue to fight for protection of local resources like sea turtles through education and outreach,” said U.S. Consul General Jennifer Galt.  More »

Olive Ridley Project - Maldives: new website 20 Jan 2014

Olive Ridley Project websiteThe Olive Ridley Project (ORP) was set up in July 2013 to try to understand the phenomenon of olive ridley turtles drifting to the Maldivian coast after being trapped in ghost nets. The project investigates the origin of these ghost nets and gathers information on fishing techniques used by fisheries in India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives, based on information gathered from a concerned community.

While the ORP initially relied on Facebook and Twitter to disseminate information, it now makes use of a comprehensive website that is still being improved.  More »

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