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Date Title
22 Dec 2015 New web pages for NIO - Marine Turtle Task Force
19 Dec 2015 Interesting gap analysis and research priorities for the Mediterranean Sea
18 Dec 2015 Turtle Foundation Newsletter available
14 Dec 2015 IOSEA/IAC Paper on illegal marine turtle take and trade
14 Oct 2015 Indian Ocean Turtle Newsletter #20
21 Sep 2015 Volunteer Opportunity in Western Australia
18 Sep 2015 Study: More than half of all sea turtles have eaten plastic
11 Sep 2015 New publication: Madagascar marine turtles in peril
26 Aug 2015 Video: Former poachers helping to save endangered turtles
14 Aug 2015 Study sheds light on sex determination in loggerhead turtles
14 Aug 2015 Video: Plastic straw pulled from nose of endangered turtle
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