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New web pages for NIO - Marine Turtle Task Force 22 Dec 2015

Contents of email circulated on 22 December 2015:

This note is addressed, in particular, to members of the IOSEA Northern Indian Ocean - Marine Turtle Task Force; as well as participants to the October 2015 workshop in Maldives which established the NIO-MTTF.  The Task Force is chaired by Mr. M. Muralidharan (India), supported by the vice-chair, Ms. Khadeeja Ali (Maldives). 

I am pleased to report that most of the Task Force members have now been appointed.   Only the appointments from Sri Lanka and India (Government representative) are pending. A list of the members can be found on the IOSEA website under the menu heading: Regional Bodies / NIO-Task Force / Membership.  Alternatively, here is the direct link:
Also, one can find in the same website section the full Workshop Report and the List of Participants (missing from the report); as well as the Terms of Reference for the NIO-MTTF.  If the Task Force would like to post and share other documents for public viewing and download, another sub-section can be used for that purpose.
With the basic foundation for the Northern Indian Ocean - Marine Turtle Task Force now in place, it may be appropriate for the Chair and Vice-Chair to circulate a note to all members early in the New Year outlining their vision of the how the Task Force will conduct its work in 2016.
kind regards
Douglas Hykle
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