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Turtle Tracking in Queensland

Project description: Details are provided here on three of four adult male green turtles fitted with radio transmitters in Moreton Bay to track turtles' breeding migrations via satellite. 
Country: Australia 
Location(s) of main activity: Queensland
Project team: Queensland Turtle Research Program 
Species tracked: Green 
Number of animals: 3
Project started: 06 Jun 2002
Last signal: 31 Jul 2003
Longest signal (no. days): 117
Shortest signal (no. days): 25 
Transmitter active: No 
Migration (general location): Fraser Island, Australia 
Published paper:
Project archived:  
Partners: Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service 
Sponsors: Seaworld Research and Rescue Foundation
E-mail address:  
Link: http://www.derm.qld.gov.au/wildlife-ecosystems/wildlife/watching_wildlife/turtles/turtle_tracking/index.html
Remark: The three turtles were named “Dean”, “Ted”, “Moreton”. 
Info last updated: 02 Dec 2009 

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