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Barrow Island flatbacks 2005-2006

Project description: Flatback turtles are being tracked from Barrow Island as part of the environmental investigations taking place on behalf of Chevron's Gorgon Gas project based at Barrow Island. Kiwisat ptts were deployed on 4 nesting flatback turtles commencing Nov 29, 2005. Since flatback turtles are not hard shelled animals (their carapace lacks keratin) the transmitters must be attached using a harness arrangement. The flatback turtles using the nesting beaches on Barrow Island are also being flipper tagged. Two transmitters were also deployed from Mundabullangana station on the mainland in early Dec 2005. This site is being used as a reference flipper tagging site for the Barrow Island flatback population. Source: seaturtle.org 
Country: Australia 
Location(s) of main activity: Western Australia
Project team: Western Australian sea turtle satellite tracking project 
Species tracked: Flatback 
Number of animals: 4
Project started: 29 Nov 2005
Last signal: 13 Feb 2007
Longest signal (no. days): 441
Shortest signal (no. days): 51 
Transmitter active: No 
Migration (general location): Western Australia - coastal waters 
Published paper:
Project archived: Yes 
Partners: Chevron Gorgon Gas project  
Sponsors: Chevron Australia Pty Ltd
E-mail address: kellie.pendoley@penv.com.au 
Link: http://www.seaturtle.org/tracking/index.shtml?project_id=108
Info last updated: 24 Jul 2009 

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